Pulwama attack


Many question risen over the working of the BJP-government and its response in the aftermath of Pulwama attack in which, as per the last count, at least 44 CRPF personnel lost their lives. In the first instance, the tall claims of the BJP-government that no major militant attack has taken place in the past 56 months of its rule has been blown to smithereens by the Pulwama incident. Apart from this, close to 500 security personnel have lost their lives during its reign since May 2014, which is very high compared to loss of lives of the soldiers in the corresponding period in the previous years. Moreover, the major issues confronting the government in various parts of the country have caused reverses of the worst order in many parts of the country during this period. The idea of selling falsehoods to the innocent and gullible masses of the country has been upped by this government while the economy and political situation in the country has been going from bad to worse on many counts. But the recent incident in Pulwama has raised pertinent and important questions which seek an answer from Narendra Modi despite the fact that his party men have been giving alibis for him not responding seriously to this issue. Firstly, the Congress, as the main opposition party has questioned the delay in response from the Prime Minister on February 14 when the Pulwama attack took place as he was busy shooting for a film to project himself in Corbett National Park. He did not respond, even when he was informed about it and continued to be busy with his adventures in Rampur and continuing on his way to Bareiley airport for reaching New Delhi late at night. The first alibi offered by the BJP spokesman was that there was no connectivity in the Corbett National Park is like making a non-sense out of any sensible communication system that is available to the powers that be in the country. Also instead of declaring a national mourning for such a big loss of lives in Pulwama attack, the government and its functionaries remained busy in their political activities for drawing mileage from the incident. For the next few days, the government continued with the political and government engagements, which would have been cancelled in the event of national mourning. The opposition parties and allies of the BJP-government cancelled all their political engagements after the incident. It is also utterly shameful that the BJP national general Sakshi Maharaj and as union minister were found waving to the crowds, laughing and clicking selfies with the bodies of the jawans killed in Pulwama attack. None from the ruling party found it convenient to tender an apology for the shameful behaviour of their colleagues at such functions. It is unfortunate that Modi embarked on a foreign tour to South Korea for receiving an award of whatever significance may be at the hour of crisis when Pulwama attack has been described as a direct attack on India from the patron of militants in Kashmir. Apart from this, Modi went on a foreign jaunt when he should have been in the country for being with his countrymen for mourning and taking steps to counter such attacks in the future. No accountability has been sought from the Home Minister and the National Security Advisor, who reportedly had been warned about such attacks at least 48 hours before the February 14 incident. The all-party meeting called by the centre two days later found the Prime Minister just showing a glimpse as he wanted to go off to Maharashtra for a political public rally for lashing out at the opposition parties instead of garnering the support of all parties. Lastly, going out of way to receive the Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the airport, Narendra Modi could not get Pakistan’s name and Jaish as a terror organization in the joint statement. Besides this failure, the Prime Minister signed the joint statement which called for holding talks with Pakistan when his ministerial colleagues were saying otherwise after the Pulwama attack. It is clear case of miserable failure of ‘hug-diplomacy’ of the Prime Minister.