Friday, September 17, 2021

Pughoboto SDPDB meet held

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Dimapur, September 12: The monthly meeting for Pughoboto Sub Division Planning and Development Board was held under the SDPDB chairman and MLA, Y.Vikheho Swu at the DB court hall, Pughoboto on September 10.
ADC Thungchanbemo Tungoe reviewed the last meeting. The meeting was held with VCC Chairman under Pughoboto Sub wherein discussions were held on proper graveyard.

The MLA urged upon the village council to maintain the grave yard in a proper place instead of the road side area and use the Grant in-aid, NREGRS fund judiciously for village development. The board resolved to direct all the village council not to bury the dead on the road side.
In presence of the Sumi Aphuyemi Hoho, President Inavi Swu, highlighted on the Pughoboto ADC upgradation to District and decided to reiterate the same genuine demand to the Government. The board also resolved to stop blank cheques signed by any village council authority in case some are still practicing the same.
To progress the development activities and for good workmanship in the division, the house suggested that NREGS would not sanction without the SDPDB approval. All officers were also asked to keep the village council updated about the various projects implemented by the government.
On the Covid pandemic the MLA called upon all to maintain proper behavior and follow the government guidelines. The House decided to write a letter to PWD Tseminyu to maintain the road which is under their jurisdiction from Khashanyu Junction towards Pughoboto.
CDPO, Ghatashi, Chiro highlighted on the one month Poshan Abhiyan activities in the division. Dr.Vikhashe Ghathasi briefed about the Covid related issue where he said that during the Covid test in all offices in Pughoboto, out of 19 offices, 119 were tested and that the tests will be continued. He urged the people to take vaccine and get themselves tested. BDO Ghathashi also highlighted the funding pattern changes, which are being credited to the beneficiary accounts.
Special guest, Obed Bohovi SFS Deputy Director, who presented on the prospect of Shitake (LENTINULA) Mushrooms cultivation encouraged the people on the health benefits and also marketing opportunity and linkage to farmers. He said that North East Climate is very suitable for Shitake cultivation and in demand from outside the state, which can generate huge revenue. On ‘Green Pughoboto’ Forest Ranger, Pughoboto Kihoto gave a power point presentation on the various activities and programs taken up by the Department.

In regard of various development program, MLA stressed on JAICA schemes, NRLM and NHP provided by the government. He also emphasized on the importance of the natural and reserve Forest stating that besides village beautification in the area there should also be Nursery commercial hub to sell saplings for sustenance and growth of economy.
In the meeting, ADC distributed the medicine, wheel chairs, and other materials to the Health centres, which was procured under LADF 20-21.The house also welcomed new members SDPO Pughoboto, Akhelo Chiso, Dr.Vikashe Swu and others.
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