Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Public rally against multiple taxations today


Shops to remain closed till 12 Noon

Dimapur, October 30: All shops in Dimapur will remain closed till 12 Noon on Wednesday in support of the public rally against multiple taxations here at Khermahal Police Point from 10 am onward.
The public rally against multiple taxations is called by the Public Action Committee of Naga Council Dimapur.
DCCI: Supporting the rally, the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has requested all business establishments to remain closed till 12 Noon to show solidarity with the PAC and participate in the rally with huge numbers.
The DCCI requested all business establishment of Dimapur to fully cooperate and participate actively in the rally.
The rally is organized against the illegal collection of taxes by various agencies which is seriously affecting every businessmen and the citizens as a whole, said the DCCI in a press release.
PDR: The People for Democratic Rights has extended strong support to the mass public rally to be held on October 31 at  Khermahal junction under the banner of Public Action Committee (Naga Council Dimapur).
In a release, PDR recalled the October 31, 2013 rally at City Tower junction organized by the Naga Council leading to huge decrease in illegal taxations.
“This time PDR calls upon all the public to come out even in larger number and support the cause against multiple taxation from various quarters including the government agencies. Let the rally at Khermahal give equal focus on all sorts of multiple taxations. No matter from whichever direction the taxations come, the public are the ones at the receiving end. The focus should not be only on the taxation levied by the Naga political groups but even those NGOs collecting illegal taxes at various points,” it said.
The PDR said another major concern is the item/commodity tax collected by the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC), which, it said, clearly amounts to double taxation since all taxes are covered under GST and the public are paying extra amount which the traders had to hike owing to the tax given to DMC.
This DMC tax has become a daylight robbery burdening the public, it said adding the Government has also changed the nomenclature of DMC tolls to urban tolls and utility fees with the objective of differentiating it from the GST regime. The PDR said this issue should also be deliberated equally at the public rally.
CAKU: The Chakhro Angami Kuda Union (CAKU) has informed all Angami living within Dimapur to attend the Public Action Committee (PAC) rally against illegal multiple taxation.
The CAKU requested every Angamimia village and colony chairman, leaders in different capacity to mobilize people and participate in the rally.
The CAKU also conveyed its full support to PAC.
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