Public meeting on rising crime against women in Mkg


Mokokchung, June 14: A mass public meeting has been being organized at Police Point Mokokchung town at 9:30 am on June 15 against rising crimes against women and social evils in the society.
The Mokokchung town public meeting on crimes against women and social evils in the society is being called by all the apex organizations of Mokokchung town and the Ao community namely – Mokokchung Town Aor Telongjem, All Ward Union Mokokchung, Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem, Ao Senden, Watsu Mungdang and Ao Kaketshir Mungdang.
According to the organizing committee, the public meeting was necessitated after the recent rape of a minor girl in Mokokchung town on June 10 at Mongsenbai ward and also because of the rampant and obvious increase in the incidents of crime against women and social evils in the society.
Towards, this end the apex Ao people’s organization – Ao Senden – called a meeting on June 13 where the different Ao organizations deliberated on the issue and nominated a resolution cum organizing committee drawn in from all the organizations.
In this regard, all commercial shops will remain closed during the public meeting hour. Different organizations have been entrusted with specific works to make the meeting a success.
The organizing committee, nominated by the joint organizations, invited all the public of Mokokchung town, irrespective of age, gender or communities to come and attend the public meeting which is being organized in the greater interest and welfare of the people of Mokokchung town. (Page News Service)