Friday, January 22, 2021

PSU’s 62nd general session cum seminar held

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Phek, December 30: The Phek Students’ Union (PSU) today held its 62nd General Session cum Seminar at Phek village on the theme “Committed to Excellence.”

In the absence of MLA Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu who could not turned up as the guest speaker due to some unavoidable circumstances, Phek Village Council chairman Chivozo Soho unfurled the PSU flag as an act of the commencement of the session.
Azo, in his message, which brought out to the session stated that “Our economic is in such a degraded state that we have to learn to be self-sufficient/self-dependent by trying hard”.
Azo categorically cited that the theme “Committed to Excellence” is not something that is randomly chosen nor a mere idea but rather an in-depth thought.
Challenging the students to focus on their goals, Azo also appealed the intellectuals to transfer and share their knowledge with one another, more importantly contribute more to make the society a better society.
In his speech, Chivozo Soho congratulated all Grade A holders including other students who successfully cleared their respective examinations for the year 2020.
He made comparison between the past and the present, whereby in the past, parents use to send their children to schools but also expect them to assist them in the fields, but today all that has changed, parents today only wanted their children to give their best in their studies.
Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) assistant social & cultural secretary, Nusata Vero shared greetings and challenged the students to make their parents and community proud through their academic excellence.
Thupukhruyi Venuh, headmaster in-charge, Government High School Phek Village encouraged the students to take up B. Ed in order to pursue teaching profession.
PSU education & statistical secretary, Hukuyi Venuh led the meritorious award for the academic year 2020.
PSU president Tuku Venuh delivered welcome address.
Later, Zavekho Vero, R.O (Estb.) SP Office, Phek and Er. Nuthozo Hoshi, Junior Engineer(Electrical) spoke on “Education is not a vessel but to be ignited” and “An Approach to career planning and competitive exams” respectively.
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