Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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PSU dismayed with NHIDCL’s withdrawal of activities

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 13: The Pochury Students’ Union (PSU) has expressed dismay at the letter of the Managing Director of NHIDCL of September 1, 2021, announcing the withdrawal of activities at the proposed 2-lane project between Akhegwo to Akash Bridge (Jessami) of NH 202 in Phek District.

A press release issued by the Union on Monday stated that the letter had put off the hopes and dreams of the young generation and the people of Pochury.
It maintained that the “community as a whole” has come to the realisation of the misdeeds of some individuals, and has initiated necessary corrective measures.
“However the decision of the NHIDCL to suspend the tender indefinitely has come too early without giving the community sufficient time. Whereas, civil societies and students union have lent all out support to the district administration in the multi-pronged approach of dealing with the serious case of rampant structures along the proposed ROW, the Union appeals for revocation of the suspension of the tender.
“As a corrective measure, efforts to aid the Administration in identifying structures constructed solely for the purpose of claiming damage compensation is already showing positive response and the Union will continue to stand uncompromised on removing any obstacles that will jeopardise this mega project in our land”, read the press release.
It directed all individuals/landowners whose land falls under the ROW to come forward and voluntarily remove the structures constructed with “malafide intention of claiming damage compensation”, in the greater interest of the common good.
“The younger generation appeals to the inherent virtues of integrity, honesty, sincerity that have defined the Pochury Nagas since time immemorial; selfishness, greed, and short sightedness should not be allowed to blind us and lead us into the perils.
“The Union warn all vested interest people both within the Pochury community and outsiders that any act that will jeopardise the project shall not be allowed at any cost. The Union further condemn the act of exploitations by the outsiders who have purchased land from the unwitting villagers and constructed buildings solely for the purpose of claiming compensation, the very act of which has jeopardised the mega project”, it maintained.

It directed all individuals who had put up structures with malicious intent to obstruct development and “malign the image of the Pochury people” to immediately dismantle all temporary structures that they had constructed along the whole stretch (Akash Bridge to Akhegwo) on or before September 30 as per the direction of the Government.
“The Union shall stand for the right of the people and see to it that all genuine properties, farm steads (jhum& terrace fields), forest are compensated appropriately”, it asserted.
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