Wednesday, September 22, 2021

PSC Kohima women wing observes KhuKhu Nyie

Dimapur, August 12: The Porbami Social Club, Kohima Women Wing observed 2nd KhuKhu Nyie (festival), 2019 today here at State Academy Hall, Kohima with Shepolu Yhor, Assistant Professor, Kohima Science College, Jotsoma as the Special Guest.
Addressing the colourful festival, Yhor, urged upon the women in particular and the entire Porbami citizens to maintain and promote the aged-old traditional values where their forefathers practised and implemented in true spirit.
Emphasizing on the importance of maintaining the loyalty and truthfulness living where their forefathers practised, she said, “Our present generation were being observed with lack of such worthy practice in totality where we need to rebuild valued culture in our lives.”
She said love and kindness living is part of the social harmony and such loving and kind hearted living affairs was hugely viewed by our forefathers but she lamented that such beautiful practices were found decaying in high speed.
She therefore urged the Porbami women to adapt such valued and beautiful living cultures by imparting the same to the younger generation. She further congratulated the Women Wing of Porbami Social Club, Kohima for having organized the important festival in a grand manner.
According to the organizers, Khukhu Nyie (festival) is being celebrated with an intention of seeking God this day (in olden days to goddess) intervention to prevent the unwanted occurrence of natural calamities in to their land, where crops from the fields and paddies were damaged by strong winds and landslides etc. This very festival is aimed at providing love, kindness with generosity to the needy people where in return God richly bless its people in abundance.
Earlier Kudulu Vadeo chaired the short formal program, Vehutso Dzudo, invoked God’s blessing, brief introduction of Khukhu significance was presented by Zaveculu Chiero, Niesahulu and friends enthralled the gathering with their indigenous piece, while Zhovelu Dzudo pronounce the closing prayer. (Page News Service)