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‘Prove that I am a liar’


Dimapur, June 20: Former chief minister and NPF president, Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu has asked the NDPP media and communication committee to prove that he is a “liar”.
Reacting to the allegation by the NDPP M&CC that he is a “liar” and ‘a President on Bail’, Shurhozelie said, “I want them (NDPP) to prove to me these two serious character assassination allegations.”
In a rejoinder, Shurhozelie said the Chief Minister made a statement in Delhi on June 12 that Naga integration was not possible and PDA Government would not oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016, which was opposed by the NPF.
“If they say that their Chief Minister did not make any statement as such, say so. But without having any ground to justify their stand, why they made angry outburst calling me a liar. By calling me a liar, they cannot change the mindset of the Naga people to support Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 or go against integration issue. I am not a liar and I cannot become a liar just because they called me a liar. Rather I do not want them to be habitual liars,” he stated.
(Page News Service)