‘Protecting children from violence and exploitation is everybody’s responsibility’


Child Rights Week observed in Nagaland

Kohima, November 20: Protecting children from violence, abuse, trafficking, neglect and exploitation is everybody’s responsibility, said Director of Social Welfare Department, Nagaland, T Merangtsungba Aier.
In his address during Photography Competition on the occasion of International Child Rights Day and also marking the culmination of the week-long Child Rights Week organised by Child Protection Services, Department of Social Welfare held at Ozone Cafe here on Tuesday, Aier said as per the Narional Crime Record Bureau, everyday around 150 children go missing while cases of juvenile delinquency are increasing at an alarming rate.
He, therefore, said mass awareness on children issues is the need of the hour.
“Every individual in society must share the responsibility to protect children rights and report cases of child abuse and neglect to appropriate authority for the betterment and welfare of the child,” Aier said.
Director of Child Protection Services, Chubainla Jamir said the department has carried out a massive campaign on reducing harm against child sexual abuse and altogether 42 child care institutions and 27 schools were covered during this week long celebration.
She informed that the department identified 24 non-funded child care institutions and distributed gifts to 364 children.
She said that beside various other activities including the launch of Cradle of Hope and release of book on Naga Customary practices of child adoption on November 19, the photography competition was held today to mark the culmination of Child Rights Week.
The winners of the photography competition are:
Category-1 for children below 18 years on the theme – childhood: 1st – Ngunle Lorin; 2nd – Chingi and consolations – Agnlungbo, Kekhrie Tsukru and Kenyihili Lorin.
Category-2 open for all on theme – Children of Nagaland in Traditional Attire: 1st – Akhruzo, 2nd – Wetsokhro and consolations – Keutinggumbe, Vilieme Kuotsu and Zakie.
The winners received cash award and citations. Renowned photographers M Duolo and Rokovor Vihienuo were the judges of the competition.
(Page News Service)