Protect Naga values: Shurhozelie

Protect Naga values: Shurhozelie

Dimapur, March 10: Expressing fear that the strong fabric of Naga society is being destroyed by tribalism, NPF president Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu on Saturday urged the Tenyimia people to find the roots of our evolution and work towards preserving the values of unity and integrity of Naga people.
He called upon Nagas to develop a sense of respect for the elders, which he said is the foundation of a good thriving society.
Addressing the golden jubilee celebration of Tenyiphe Village Council today, Shurhozelie, who is also the President of Ura Academy and former Chief Minister of Nagaland, he narrated the different stages of his life as a politician, a statesman and an academician. He reminded that inception of the Ura Academy was during the most tumultuous times that Nagas encountered.
“In the year 1970, some scholars and intellectuals came up with the idea of setting up an Angami literature committee with Mrs. Bilieu, Rev. Tsolie and myself as its pioneers with an objective to preserve and promote the Tenyidie dialect as a means to bring all the Tenyimia speaking people together under one fold,” he said.
Stating that a time has come for all the Tenyimias to come together and build a strong society that can withstand all adversaries, he stressed on the importance of maintaining our identity and dignity.
Shurhozelie impressed upon the younger generation to uphold and protect our roots so that that outside forces do not come in to dominate or manipulate our people in our own land.
He also expressed immense happiness with the Tenyiphe village for keeping “strict vigil in conducting business of the house in pure and undiluted Tenyidie thereby preserving the rich and revered dialect for posterity.”
Earlier, the programme was chaired by Helie Kruse, Chairman of Tenyiphe Village Council while a short speech was delivered by Razouvotuo Chatsu, Chairman of Chumoukedima Village Council. (Page News Service)