Promotion disparity rocks State police

Promotion disparity rocks State police

Unarmed branch seeks parity with armed branch

Kohima, June 4: Morale among State police officers in the rank of sub inspectors and inspectors is reportedly at its lowest over promotion disparity between the armed and unarmed branches of the force thereby compromising law and order in the State to a large extent.
As per reports, the Unarmed Branch Inspectors (UBIs) of Nagaland Police are dismayed at the disparity in promotion with their batch-mates in the armed branch of the State police force.
In a representation to the Home Commissioner, the Unarmed Branch Inspector (UBI) Forum Nagaland has lamented that their (UBI) promotion have been stagnated for years altogether while their batch-mates in the armed branch have gone up to the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).
Appealing the Government to enforce uniformity and discipline within Nagaland Police fraternity, the UBI Forum cited the Supreme Court order that there shall be police establishment board in each State which shall decide all transfers, postings, promotions and other service related matters of officers of and below the rank of DSP and that the direction be complied with by the Central Government, state governments or Union Territories on or before December 12, 2016. The Court then had directed the Cabinet Secretary, Government of India and the Chief Secretaries of State governments/UTs to file affidavits of compliance by January 3, 2007, the forum said.
The forum also cited that the Assam Police Manual or Nagaland Police Manual states that “post of armed branch sub inspector (ABSI) is a reward post, shall be filled by the senior most Havildars and that there shall be no direct recruitment of ABSI”.
Nonetheless, the forum pointed that the Government through a letter on May 5, 1997 directly recruited 13 Sub Inspectors (SIs) and out of it 6 meritorious selected candidates were posted to police station and other branches, whereas seven were posted as Armed Branch Sub Inspectors (ABSI) in armed battalions.
They lamented that while the aforementioned UBSIs till date are stagnated in the rank of Inspector, but the ABSIs of the same batch were promoted to the rank of DSP many years back although all 13 SIs underwent the same training at the same academy and college.
On November 5, 1999, they said 20 SIs were sent to various police stations, whereas remaining five were randomly picked and posted to Armed Battalions. Out of the five three have already been promoted to DSP since 2016.
On the same date and year, 12 ASIs were appointed through open recruitment, they said, adding that out of the 12 ASIs, eight were randomly picked and posted to AB (IRB) and within six months they were elevated to ABSI on the ground of non-availability of such ASI post in Armed Battalions.
The eight of them were promoted to inspector in the year 2010 and they are on the verge of next promotion to DSP. However, they lamented that those posted to police stations till date are in the rank of ASI.
The UBI forum also lambasted that on January 22, 2016, all eight posts of DSPs were fully given to the Armed Branch Inspectors (ABIs) and whereas the UBIs were deprived of from even 10% quota. “As practiced in the past, out of 50% Departmental promotion of DSP quota, a ratio of 90:10 (AB:UB) of sanctioned strength was prevalent, due to which UB were badly victimized and stagnating the promotion,” they said.
They recalled that since 1997 many representations were submitted to the concerned authority to maintain parity if no alternative arrangement/option by amendment of laid down rules/police manuals.
They also pointed that setting aside all the representations of the forum, now the Armed Branch fully enjoys the DSP promotion quota in addition to so many privileges.
Remarking that till today no tangible solution was initiated in favour of the deprived UBIs and UBSIs, they demanded compensation of 15 posts of DSP to the deprived UBIs and implement the meeting minutes of May 22, 2017 at the earliest.
The forum has also requested the authorities to initiate and fully implement the above cited Supreme Court direction for Police Establishment Board to look into the grievances of all subordinate ranks/personnel below DSP rank in the matter of transfer, promotions and other service related matters.
The forum has also cautioned that it will file contempt of court against the authorities of the department if they fail to fulfil their demand.(Page News Service)


Disparity will be addressed: DGP
Kohima, June 4: Nagaland Director General of Police, Rupin Sharma has acknowledged that there is disparity in promotion of armed and unarmed branches of the State police force and it needs to be addressed.
Interacting with media persons, the State DGP said consequent upon the receipt of the representation from the UBI Forum, the PHQ has set up a committee to examine all the issue and submit a report at the earliest. He said that at the department level they will do whatever possible but PHQ will have to look up to the Government for final resolution.
“This is not a new issue but an old one which needs to be addressed as it creates problems in the force in the control as in some cases junior officers in armed branch has become senior over their unarmed branch officers,” he said. However, he said, the problem has never been addressed holistically in the past and to resolve the entire issue will be slightly difficult.
One of the reasons for the problem is that there has been an over emphasis on the NAP (IR) battalions and less in the District Executive Force, Police Stations and SP establishment of Nagaland police, he said, adding that this has resulted in more post being created and sanctioned by the Government in IRB and NAP and lesser manpower in the DEFs.
Another reason for these would be the established procedures and norms for the armed battalions may not have been followed because there were instructions as per the police manual that the post of havildars and SI in the battalion would be filled up only through promotions whereas the posts have been filled up by direct recruitments. A direct recruit takes lesser time to get promotions, he said.
The DGP, however, asserted that the Department will initiate measure to address the problem so that some degree of balance can be maintained. He was also of the opinion that there is requirement of adjustment from both sides to bring about parity in the system. Nonetheless, he said, it will take some time.
Asked if the Government or the department would be able to make the adjustments till the rank of DSP as batch mates of UBSIs have already been promoted to the rank of DSP, he said the Government did address some problem during the initial promotion from SI to Inspector but that is only a stop gap arrangement and not a final solution because the feeder cadre for Inspector, that is, the SI will get more and more people recruited every year. So a more holistic solution is required.
The forum submitted the representation to the Home Commissioner on May 14 last and held the first ever meeting on the issue with the DGP on June 2 last, which was attended by UBI from all the districts.  (Page News Service)