Promote entrepreneurship

There is no second opinion that we have high unemployment rate in the state. We know that unemployment is an indicator of economic backwardness of a nation. It is the root cause of many other problems. It often leads to depression. It lures youth to drugs and other anti social activities. Today our educated youth are not getting jobs. There are thousands of unemployed youth registered in the state employment exchange. Obviously they are looking for government jobs. But the fact is that government cannot give job to everyone. There are few jobs available and applicants are very huge in numbers. This deficit so created is increasing day by day and will increase at a greater pace in the years to come, thereby increasing the already large pool of unemployed people. Why such a situation is prevailing in our state? This question needs to be answered. Who is to be blamed for all this? Where does the buck stop? In fact it stops with the government, our education system and society as a whole. Looking after salaried jobs is not going to solve the problem in the long run. The motivation to look beyond government jobs is lacking in our educated youth. Our education system is so designed that it makes students think of only salaried jobs. Our policy makers are not shifting gears towards the real need of the society. There is a need to break the status quo. As has been stated earlier many times, entrepreneurship comes with a cure to these multiple ailments. Entrepreneurs start their own ventures out of their own ideas. They act as job creators rather than job seekers, creating jobs for themselves and for others as well. They add value to our economy. These ventures are the small businesses created, managed and operated by them. These are classified as micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs). Value added by these businesses has been recognized by researchers across the globe. In the Indian scenario, the MSMEs account for about half of the manufacturing output and total exports. This sector employs crores of people across the country. The point is that Nagaland has immense natural resources, which need to be paid attention to in the first place. There is so much for entrepreneurs to do here. But unfortunately there is no culture among our educated youth to establish a private entrepreneurship unit, like in other states where educated youth instead of running after government jobs open ways to their employment besides offering jobs to others. We as a society still value officer classes like administrative officers and professionals like doctors, engineers and lawyers much more than entrepreneurs. Sure entrepreneurship may not be a panacea but definitely it is the need of the hour. It is the high time when we ensure a system in place which will promote entrepreneurship. It is a necessary ingredient for sustainable development. David McClelland (1961) in his book ‘The Achieving Society’ made an interesting argument as to why certain societies showed great creative powers in a particular time of their history. It was need for achievement which made the people to work hard. We certainly lack this motivation. There is a need to bring changes in our society. There is a need to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the hearts and minds of our youth. There are multiple parties to it. The government, our educators and policy makers, everyone has a definite role to play. Our education system has to be so designed that it must be able to create entrepreneurial intentions in students which will lead them to start a venture. This has to start from the very beginning, in the schools and colleges. These are the nurseries which shape the future of students. The curriculum should be so designed that it imparts proper skills and competencies to the students necessary for entrepreneurship. This should be part of formal education system. It will groom the future entrepreneurs. The effects will be realized when the pass outs from the colleges and universities will not opt for government jobs, but rather start their own ventures. Clearly we need to encourage entrepreneurship, if we aspire a better future.