Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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Problem of illegal immigrants in Nagaland alarming: NDPP

  • Wants ILP regime to cover entire State
  • Work permits for legal immigrants involved in business

Dimapur, February 16: The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) has admitted that the problem of illegal immigrants in Nagaland is alarmingly threatening now more than ever and the need to tackle it on a war footing.
“Though the CAB 2019 might die a natural death, the NDPP is of the considered view that the problem of illegal immigrants in the State is alarmingly threatening now more that ever and the matter has to be tackled on a war footing lest we Nagas are reduced to second-class citizens in our own land in the near future,” the NDPP said in resolutions adopted in its central executive meeting held on Saturday.
Considering this, the NDPP resolved to urge the PDA Government to strictly enforce the ILP system with diligence “unlike administrations under earlier political dispensations” and to streamline entry of illegal immigrants while ensuring legal citizens of the country are not deprived of constitutional rights in any manner so that they contribute positively to a robust economy of the State.
Regarding Dimapur District, the NDPP agreed that the district of Dimapur has seen unprecedented increase of non-locals, and their dominance over economic and business activities whereby local entrepreneurs have been made to suffer. It therefore resolved to urge the PDA Government to include the foothills into the ambit of ILP, a proposition popularly felt necessary by mass-based social organizations too, in recent times.
The NDPP said the immigrants, legal though they may be, have been indulging in business activities whereby there has been a noticeable drain of resources from the State. It resolved to urge the Government to consider issuing work permits along with strengthening the existing ILP regime to the entire state so as to generate funds which could be utilized meaningfully for the welfare of local youths and keep a stringent check on those who enter or stay in the State.
The meeting also placed on record its appreciation to the NDA Government for heeding to the sentiments of the North eastern people of the country and its NDA/NEDA partners vis-à-vis the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, and desisting from taking it up in the Rajya Sabha earlier this week.
The NDPP also termed as “most timely” the intervention of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and his Cabinet colleagues’ with the Union Government on the issue, which the party said “shall be remembered fondly by future Naga generations.”
Expressing appreciation to all civil societies who participated in the January 31 consultative meet, the NDPP also extended support to the stand of the civil society organizations’ resolution that Article 371A of the Constitution of India protects the rights and privileges of the citizens of Nagaland from all acts of the parliament unless the Nagaland Legislative Assembly resolves by a resolution. It said the NDPP shall stands committed to protect and safeguard the said Article and ensure that the Article is not diluted in any manner.
The NDPP also expressed gratitude to the PDA coalition partners for resolving to support the NDPP nominees as the consensus PDA candidates for the upcoming parliamentary and bye-elections and called upon all party rank and files to work tirelessly towards achieving victory in the upcoming elections.
The party placed on record appreciation to the Election Commission of India for its fair and unbiased decision on the issue of a “frivolous and motivated case” filed by a “persons of dubious character” seeking de-registration of NDPP as a political party. It claimed that the involvement of the opposition in the issue had been “crystal clear” from the very beginning in spite of their denial.”
The NDPP further termed the coming together of all Naga political groups to the negotiating table with the Government of India as a clear indication that the aspiration and fond desire of the Naga people for a permanent and honourable solution to the Naga political problem has been heeded by all the groups.
“This is an encouraging development and the House resolves to urge all the negotiating parties to expedite the process of dialogue so as to usher in an era of peace and normalcy in the society.
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