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Probe ordered into Assam Bajrang Dal leader’s threat to beat up Hindus visiting churches on Christmas

Bajrang Dal

Silchar (Assam), December 6: The Cachar district administration of Assam has asked the police to investigate an inflammatory speech reportedly made by a local Bajrang Dal leader threatening to beat up Hindus visiting churches during Christmas celebrations.

Taking note of a viral video in which the saffron outfit’s leader was seen issuing the threat, Cachar Deputy Commissioner Keerthi Jalli on Sunday said she has instructed the superintendent of police to probe the matter and “take necessary steps”.

Police, however, said no case has been registered as of now and the incident is being investigated.
“We have not received any complaint from anyone.
However, we are looking into the incident after seeing the video,” a senior police officer said.
Bajrang Dal Cachar in-charge Mithun Nath, while addressing a gathering of the outfit’s members on December 3, was seen telling them that no Hindus will be allowed to visit churches during Christmas.
“Hindus will be beaten up. The Christians will lock down our temples and we will go to have fun in their churches — I condemn such Hindus. They need to be taught a lesson.
“We declare it today that on next Christmas, no Hindus will be allowed to visit churches. If anyone visits, Bajrang Dal will give its reply,” Nath reportedly said.
The saffron group’s leader was referring to the alleged closure of the Vivekananda Centre, a part of Ramakrishna Mission, in Christian-majority Meghalaya’s capital Shillong.
“Media friends will term us intolerant and ‘goonda dal’. It’s alright, we accept that. If someone misbehaves with our mother-sister and we react, then we are goondas. We accept that, but still, we will not allow anything disrespectful towards our mothers and sisters.
“I know what will be the headline the next day on December 26. It will be intolerant Bajrang Dal, who vandalised the Oriental school,” Nath had said.
In a sarcastic tone, he appealed to the Bajrang Dal members to act as per the law “because the law is only for the Hindus and they should not break the law”.
“You open temple, we will allow the church. We welcome that. But if you will lock the temple there, then we will not allow the church here,” Nath said.
People from a cross-section of the society have condemned Nath’s reported threat. (PTI)