Wednesday, March 3, 2021
North East

PRISM sends SOS to United Nations

AIZAWL, MARCH 11: PRISM (People’s Representative for Identity & Status of Mizoram), a regional political party in the State, has sent a representation to the United Nations regarding the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) which it said poses a serious threat to the indigenous Mizos in the Northeastern region of India.
In its recent memorandum, PRISM stated that the Mizo people, known by different names such as Dzo, Zo, Lushai, Chin, Kuki, by historians, are of Mongoloid race, who are totally different from Indians or Bangladeshis.
The memorandum addressed to Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, said that the Mizo people had never been ruled by any foreign government and enjoyed sovereign status until the British invaded the land starting from 1761 and finally annexed it in 1890.
“The British divided the land into two parts, India and Burma (now Myanmar),” it said.
It recalled the Chin-Lushai Conference held in Calcutta in 1892 decided to put the divided parts of the land – Chin Hills (now Chin State of Myanmar), some portion of Arakan (present Rakhine State of Myanmar), Lushai Hills (present day Mizoram in India), and some parts of present day Assam, Manipur and Tripura into one single administrative unit, which has never been fulfilled.
PRISM informed the UN that Mizoram shares border with overpopulated Bangladesh from where many people have already infiltrated into the State. It felt that once the CAB is enacted it would open floodgates for Bangladeshi immigrants that would cause demographic explosion in the State that will further result in assimilation of the indigenous Mizos.
PRISM urged the UN Rapporteur to look into the matter and take necessary action.(Courtesy: AT)