Monday, January 25, 2021

Prioritize education

The concept of mid-day meals was introduced by the Government of India to feed students from the poor class of society unable to afford educations for their wards. By implementation of mid-day meals it could not show any good results in our state because of the reason that not a single one faces hunger here. The scheme could have been implemented not for the mid day meals but to build up the infrastructure of schools. As far as human resource is concerned in the government run schools, we have one of the best and well qualified, but still these schools are not preferred even by government teachers, leave the other sections of the society. The fact being that even after having the best faculty in government schools, the students can’t face the competition world because without best infrastructure and facilities, the teachers are also helpless. Thus if we want to increase the rolls of our government schools, we should have to pay attention towards the overall development of a student, and that can be done only by giving the latest facility to all schools. Need of the hour is also to change our mindset towards admitting our wards in government schools. Our students are capable but unable to make a mark due to the lack of facilities in schools and colleges. There are hardly any government initiatives as far as the need for libraries, counseling and guidance centre in colleges and universities are concerned. The system in our libraries of the colleges exists as it was in the 19th century. A single book which has to be manually searched and issued for a limited period creates the additional difficulties for our poor and needy students. Another thing needed is to have some evolved teaching methodologies, such as debates, interactive sessions and group discussion, which must be introduced as a part of curriculum. Without a doubt we are today seeing extraordinary expansion in the area of education at school level as well as at higher education level – both in government as well as in private sector. Since there is much expansion of schools in our state, the need to prefer quality to quantity becomes imperative and pressing. The system of education cannot develop without better standard of schools and moreover, it cannot develop in isolation from the social realities of a society. For a better society, better education is important and this is possible only when there is better system of schools. It is true that the growth of private schools has not only proved undesirable and burdensome for students and parents but also for the society because education in these schools has become a choice and prestige for the rich and these cannot be expected to serve the general society as their fee structure and other expenses, and admission policies are out of the reach of the general or poor public. Since education in private schools is very costly and beyond the reach of the poor and rural students, role of government schools to serve the society becomes significant and hence their establishment and existence is indispensable. But one is shocked that the government schools where the children of our poor class of society pursue their studies have remained uncared and unattended and the condition of these schools is worsening day by day. Although a lot of money is sanctioned for the development of these schools by the central as well as by the state government but it is mismanaged and improperly spent by the responsible people. Since a huge amount of money is invested into this sector, one is astounded to find why the infrastructure and other physical facilities of government schools have remained underdeveloped and poor in these advanced times. It needs no reminder that a society’s educational system needs to be balanced and reinforcing so that it is able to regulate the activities of its members towards betterment and progress. No society can function without education and so there must be a conducive atmosphere for promoting education. Our political leaders must accord priority to education and must fulfill the tall promises made in their election manifestoes to turn the educational system into an effective, productive and qualitative one. They need to realize the fact that the failure of government schools to develop and attract students and to stop them from dropping out is a disservice to the society.