Saturday, September 30, 2023

Prince, papad, pint: Williams serves Indian food to guests


London, July 29: Indian food tingling palates and going mainstream in Britain is no longer news, but on Wednesday Britons were served new visuals of Prince Williams offering ‘poppadoms’, naan, pints and other dishes to his guests in Kensington Palace.
‘Going for an Indian’ is a popular weekend practice after imbibing copious amount of pints, more so after a boisterous football match. So it was rather normal that the prince served pints and ‘curry’ to Peter Crouch and others during a recording of the former England football star’s podcast on BBC5Live.
They joked about the ‘curry’ being delivered to the palace by an Uber driver who was frisked at the gates, as the food seemed to go down rather well. The prince dwelt on his love for football, mental health and losing patience with his children during lockdown.
Prince William, whose title is Duke of Cambridge, is also president of Football Association (FA). Part of the podcast was recorded before the lockdown, but figured prominently in new discourse on Wednesday as sport in Covid-secure conditions begins in the UK.
Since becoming a father, Williams said football has become his “release”, particularly when he needs to “go and be amongst other guys and let out some steam, shout a bit,” joking that he couldn’t abuse the referee since he is the FA president.
Amidst blokey banter, William says: “It (football) has become a lot more relevant to me and I need it. Talking about football helps a lot…This period of time has allowed us to all revalue things”.
“The thing about lockdown is that it has been a little bit of an awakening that we maybe take our lives a bit for granted sometimes and there’s a lot of things out there that can wobble all of us at any time”.
“I think particularly now, as a parent, it starts to make you look a bit more to the future at what kind of world we are going to hand over to the next generation. There’s been a lot of time to think – and you can also have too much time to think, and that’s also what worries me,” he adds.
On the challenge of keeping his children entertained during the lockdown, the prince says: “I found it pretty testing, trying to keep the children engaged and interested in some sort of work. It’s been an interesting few months”.
“I’ve learned my patience is a lot shorter than I thought it was. That’s probably the biggest eye-opener for me, and my wife has super patience.”
An ardent supporter of Aston Villa, Williams revealed that he is not allowed to operate the twitter account of the ‘Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’, but said he could not hold himself back in May 2019.
“They deliberately keep me away from that. When Liverpool won that amazing Champions League semi-final against Barcelona (in May 2019), I grabbed hold of the Twitter thing and just posted”.
“It was an amazing match, I was blown away by it. It was one of the best games of football I’ve ever seen. I got completely out of control. I was like: ‘Tweet that! Get it out!’” (Courtesy: HT)