Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Primary focus

Our human resource is seeing a decline over the years and there is urgent need to prioritize developing our most precious human resource. Remember one’s educational system is the index of the ethics, etiquettes, morality and culture. Thus there is urgency to reform the present educational set up so as to save our people. We must realize that an individual’s character can be moulded like anything. We may take the cue from ancient education system which provided students, the courage to fight against non-righteousness, mentality to serve fellow beings and more over the ability to see everyone alike. Our system should be based on right education, infusing hope and promise and bringing them to the main stream to shoulder responsibility and contribute in nation building. Our march into the future has to keep pace with the change around and it cannot be by looking into the rear-view mirror. Today there are many wrongs in the education system prevalent in our part of the world. It is a hard reality that many schools are non-functional, many have repulsive ambience where children refrain from going. Not that the children are averse or parents are unwilling for their children pursuing studies, the conditions are so pathetic and repulsive that a child likes to run away from the school rather than be punished in such surroundings. The plight of teachers remains worse. Generally speaking, the total education system of our state is in shambles. Our public schools lack basic facilities, have outdated curriculum and suffer from crumbling infrastructure. In many schools there are no proper buildings, in some there are no teachers, in others there many teachers but no students while non utilization of teaching learning material in absence of proper monitoring besides no furniture and seating arrangement are some which adds to the problem further. It is time to ponder about what we are trying to impart in our young minds. Here it is a good thing that from time to time major reforms have been carried out in the education sector throughout the country at a systemic level. The commissions constituted to lay out the map for reforms have given us detailed documents to be later implemented at the ground level. In the recent series of documents that have been discussed thoroughly in public spaces we have NEP 2020. Besides, there are more reforms carried out at the level of elementary and higher education keeping in view the changing trends in society, economy, job markets and new knowledge disciplines. What has brought in a new dimension is the mind boggling strides in technology. Things like AI have changed the landscape radically, and no education system worth its name can ignore that. The way technology has disrupted society, industry, and even the ways of thinking about life itself, it is imperative that our education system takes care of the consequent changes that have already started unfolding. For a state like Nagaland, the need to stay in touch with the latest trends is more pressing. The reasons for that are multifold. We are a small population living in a place that is limited in many senses. We are a people struggling with industrial development for decades now. We are a people that had an extra reliance on government employment for a long time now. All this is getting disrupted. That means for our children to have decent livelihoods a whole new paradigm towards education has to be applied. This paradigm shift should happen from the primary level. Unfortunately our parents get serious about education only at the later stages. All experts in the field of education tell us that the faculties of learning develop in the early years. Our children move into the higher stages of learning with huge inadequacies. If we need to reform our education system and expect better results, commensurate with the changing times, we need to focus on our elementary education. This is where the government needs to work, and this is where the private institutions need to work. If the government is really serious about reforms in education elementary stage must be a priority.