Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Preventive measures to control Super Spreader Events:

corona three

  1. Rigorous enforcement of the 3 W’s (Wear Mask, Watch Distance, Wash Hands).
  2. Attendance staggering in work places.
  3. Dinner or lunch should not be cooked and served within Offices. Everyone should make their own arrangements from home if necessary.
  4. Advent Christmas dinner/celebrations, birthday celebrations or any other social events should be strictly avoided in work places.
  5. Windows and doors should be left open for natural ventilation in any closed setting.
  6. Anyone with COVID-19 like symptoms should not be allowed to come to work. Testing for symptomatic people should be encouraged.
  7. Drivers should not socialize and crowd together while waiting in offices. If an Officer/staff is fit to drive, it is safer to avoid using the services of a designated driver.
  8. All HODs should ensure SOP for work places is enforced and checklist for safety is filled and corrective actions are followed up.
  9. The public should strictly avoid the 3C’s (Crowded Places, Closed spaces and Close contact settings) where the risk of infection is much higher. (Issued by: H&FW Dept)