Power Deptt appeals to consumers


Dimapur, June 12: In view of the upcoming Soccer World Cup, the Department of Power has appealed to all electricity consumers to use power judiciously especially during the matches so as to avoid load shedding and power outage due to overloading of transformers and other equipment.
Engineer-in-Chief, Er G Chishi has recommended few actions/initiatives for judicious use of power. He has asked put off unnecessary lights, fans and ACs in unused rooms; ensure that no lights are switched on in unused rooms; avoid using high power consuming appliances such as induction heaters, rice cookers, washing machines, water pumps, etc during the matches; and gather together in one room to watch the matches.
He further stated that due to the prevailing weather condition in the State, power interruptions may happen because of line, transformer or equipment faults. However, he requested consumers to stay calm and bear with the Department as line restoration teams would be there to rectify such faults, if any, on war footing. (Page News Service)