Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Power Department informs Dimapur consumers

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 9: Dimapur Electrical Sub-Division No. 1 has informed all electricity consumers to clear their bills in order to avoid disconnection during intensive revenue drive-cum-raid by the Department from September 2022.
Dimapur Electrical Sub-Division informed consumers under Tata Parking, NST, Khermahal, Notun Bosti, Naga Cemetery, LRC, City Tower area, Churches Colony, Niesatuo Colony, Zakiesatuo Colony, Eros Lane, Nyamo Lotha Road, New Market, Marwari Patti, Chateswari, Sematilla, Lhomithi Colony, Zeliangrong Colony, K Sachu Colony, Midland, PWD, Children Park, Riverbelt, Residency and Supply Colony that inspection/raid will be carried out for those consumers who has not cleared their bills.
The Sub-Division also warned that unauthorized consumers who are illegally using electricity by unscrupulous means of meter by-pass, hooking and tempering of meters will be heavily penalized as per the Indian Electricity Act, 2003.
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