Post poll violence: DC Mkg issue showcause notice to CVC

Post poll violence: DC Mkg issue showcause notice to CVC

Kohima, March 7: Post election violence in the state has taken a toll by way of expulsion from the village, damaging of properties and protests against irregularities in the conduct of elections.
In such similar case one woman has been expelled from Changki village for thirty years for casting her vote against candidate supported by the villagers. A woman was brutally assaulted and later resolved to excommunicate her from the village for thirty years.
In this connection the Deputy Commission of Mokokchung, Sachin Jaiswal has issued a Show Cause Notice to the Changki Village Council, VCMs and GBs.
A woman age around 58 was brutally beaten on the night of March 5, and excommunicated from Changki village under 29 Jangpetkong A/C in Mokokchung district.
“The reason for her brutal assault and excommunication for 30 years from the village as per the reports is owing to the reason that she didn’t vote for the candidate supported by the Changki Village Council. It is further reported that the victim along with the three other people, two women and a man, were also excommunicated from the village for 30 years for the same reason. This shameful act conducted in the village is a mockery of free and fair elections mandated by the Election Commission of India and a blatant violation of this office lette No. CON/EL/2018/68, dated 15/02/2018 pertaining to the role of the Village Council during elections,” the DC stated in a Show Cause Notice.
The DC further stated that it is clearly stated under Section 15(1) of the Village Council Act, 1978 that village council shall be auxiliary to the District Administration an have the powers to deal with maintenance of law and order and also to enforce orders passed by the competent authority on the village as a whole inter-alia other things.
“Whereas it is perceived that the Changki Village Council has not reported such a serious issue neither names of the persons involved in such a heinous crime has been reported. This raises serious question over the functioning and the efficiency of the Cnangki Village Council as per the mandate of the Village Council Act,” he added.
DC Jaiswal has directed to appear in person on March 8 at 11 am in the office with names of the perpetrators and to show cause as to why action should not be in initiated against them. “Any failure on the point of the Changki Village Council to act positively on this issue shall be a ground for dissolution of the Council under Section 54 (1) of the Village Council Act,” the notice said. (Page News Service)

NSCW condemns violence against women

Dimapur, March 7: Terming the election-related violence against women in Changki village as “disturbing and shameful”, the Nagaland State Commission for Women (NSCW) said whatever happened within Changki village exposes the male bias and tendency to vent collective anger towards the weaker section of society only.
NSCW condemned the unwanted assault on the woman concerned and appreciated the efforts undertaken by the Mangkolemba Police Station and hoped that the perpetrators of this incident and those involved in the 17th February Tuli incident are brought to book.
The Commission also noted with grave concern the uncalled for harsh punishment to the ex-communication of 4 people who were simply exercising their rights under election rules of the country. (Page News Service)