Poor students


We all know that education is a concept that refers to the overall mental, moral, and aesthetic development of a human being. It is such a divine gift, in the lap of which the savage takes a human form. It has accommodated such vast expanse of knowledge in its bosom that if the whole universe takes a share, its level won’t ever decrease. Closer we go, the more it’ll explore itself. But, unfortunately, for a few decades now, the standard of education in our state is constantly shrinking. In fact it is not surprising that the education department has been in the news over the years for all the wrong reasons. It has suffered major setbacks, whether in terms of providing quality education to the students or inculcating an ethical sense among them. It is the most defective part in the state machinery, yearning for its repairement. The current situation of education in the state is awfully flawed and chaotic. To acquire education has become a formality, to be able to read and write or to maintain a dignified position in the society. Because here the real educational setup is yet to design, due to which, the institutionalized education has gripped the minds of students. Learning is not acquired with real understanding but superficially, based on recalling the bookish stories. Knowledge is nowhere found in the mind of a student but locked there under the cold print of books. Education is not imparted to discover new heights of perfection but just to pass the examination. The government run institutions portray a dismal picture of the reality whether that be the poor infrastructure, lack of libraries, laboratories or lack of efficient teaching staff or lack of a better command. Raw itself are the basic things that promise a healthier educational environment, so expecting quality education in these conditions remains a pipe dream. Though government spends crores of rupees on the construction and other purposes, but when it comes to filling up the empty bowl of education department, the government itself does not have a pot to piss in. Whatever be the case, with its expanding desires for economic progress, the government cannot bear such a future generation which lacks a will to teach and learn. If we try to go deep into the dilemma, the authorities alone cannot be held responsible. Somewhere the parents also hold the responsibility. Instead of an academic background, we look for a famed institution. Instead of the ethics and moral values, we prefer extra co-curricular activities. We prefer to send our children to expensive private schools rather than to schools that provides quality education but charges low amount of fees because we don’t want us to be seen as not having enough means to send our children to expensive private schools. In fact, this pretentiousness of our people has been a major factor in not only deteriorating the status of education but our social fabric as a whole. We say the youth today holds the future of Naga society. But are we really doing anything to enliven the soul of our tomorrow? We are busy polishing our present world, and as we say, let the rest of the world go to hell, who cares! Though every now and then, big meetings and conferences are held in various higher institutions to minimize the problems confronting the prevalent system of education in the state, nothing is happening on the ground. Big cars, big officials, big halls, big problems, big feast, and the meeting are over. Problems of poor students are swallowed with tea and snacks in such meetings.