Political rivals spreading rumours about PDA: State BJP

Political rivals spreading rumours about PDA: State BJP

Dimapur, June 20: BJP Nagaland has accused political rivals of spreading rumours and “cheap propagandas” about PDA Government in the social media after their alleged failure to enter the Government from “backdoor” failed.
“The victory of BJP and its alliance at the centre in the recently concluded Lok Sabha election had re-ignited the excitement of our political rivals for a possible entry into the government. However, much to their disappointment, their attempt to enter into government from backdoor had failed miserably,” it alleged in a press release.
State BJP chief spokesperson, Kuputo Shohe claimed that all “futile attempts” to demean PDA are only making the PDA house stronger than ever. He was reacting to reports in social media about reshuffle in the PDA Government.
“Over the past few months, the PDA government had become an eyesore to our adversaries because of its solid foundation. Much to the disappointment of our political rivals the wall of PDA stand still against intrusion,” Kuputo claimed.
“The recent direction from the desk of NPF President to Leader of NPF legislature Party to explore possibilities to form government only expose the desperate situation of our opposition party and therefore, the BJP Nagaland State is least surprised about its cheap propagandas. We regret that one of the country’s oldest regional party had stoop so low of desperation,” the release said.
Rubbishing all “rumours”, the State BJP said top PDA leaders led by Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and State BJP president with host of Ministers and advisers are campaigning in Delhi “to congratulate our leaders” for their comprehensive victory and to impress upon central leadership for various issues concerning the State. It reminded political adversaries of their duties as constructive opposition rather than indulging in “cheap propagandas”.
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