Friday, December 4, 2020
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Political Harlotry: The labyrinth Nagaland is lost in


Kohima, March 28: Political harlotry is nothing new and exists in many countries. Today many political harlots are willing to sell themselves for hot seats and financial gain.
Many political parties have come and gone mainly because a number of them lacked ideological direction. So also many politicians, who lacked ideology, sensitivity and moral compass, have come and gone turn-coating and decamping to other political parties of fair-weather friends. Many of them can be referred to as “political prostitutes” because of their lack of total commitment to remain in their first political parties, in which they operated as high profile members when situations were rosy, only to leave when the fortunes of their former political parties were waning or were in political crisis.
Political harlotry by many of the so-called politicians in Nagaland and other parts of the country is generally committed to improve their financial position, accumulate as much as they can adding to the woes of the down-trodden people and electorates, as also to build-up their status and political resumes in the foggy political stratosphere that seems to prevail in the State continually
The menace of political turn-coating of individual politicians from one political party to the other in the State is certainly worrying. While they are continually doing this, political principles are twisted within. All these acts question the political maturity of Naga politicians. Many a time, their reasons for shifting their loyalty from one party to the other is nothing but pecuniary.
Undeniably, principles are murdered at the altar of personal gains, ego, status and other kinds of monetary gains that are mostly unlawful.
Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio who has come to power for the fourth time with the support of BJP is not stable as his party has only 19 members in the House of 60 and he is all out to consolidate his Nationalist Democratic Progressive party (NDPP) taking the advantage of instability in the Naga People’s Front (NPF). He knows political harlotry is not hard. After all money speaks and it can do magic, and for money Rio has no worries.
The seven NPF lawmakers suddenly shifting their allegiance to ruling People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) appreciating the programmes and policies of the Government is a clear case of political harlotry ~ and swallowing their own vomits. The seven MLAs who were slamming the PDA Government have taken a u-turn, surprising all right-thinking citizens of the State.
They may repeat the past by resigning from the Assembly and go for by-elections but undoubtedly their political principle is highly dubious.
Rio also knows that anything can happen after the Lok Sabha poll hence he wants to increase the seats of his NDPP party in the Assembly. BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is expected to come back to power at the Centre, but Rio cannot take the risk as NPF has 26 seats (till the time of writing this) in the Assembly and BJP 12, and 1 each JD(U) and 1 Independent.
Interestingly successive Governments have been inclined towards whichever party comes to power at the Centre. Time will tell whether Chief Minister Rio and NDPP leadership will continue to uphold the pre-poll and post-poll commitments of its alliance partners. But definitely the BJP strategists are monitoring the current situation.
This is the second time Rio has come to power with the support of BJP. The first Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) Government, led by the NPF, came to power with the support of 7 BJP, 3 JDU), 4 NDM, 1 Samata Party and 7 Independents. The first DAN Government saw defection of JD (U) reportedly engineered by Rio; even though JD (U) Supremo George Fernandez had campaigned for the alliance in the State.
After DAN-I there has been no smooth sailing between the NPF and BJP and the saffron leaders know this and would not take chance to let Rio ditch them by repeating the past.
The ouster of National People’s Party (NPP) from PDA is a classic example; nevertheless it was the mistake of the NPP’s leadership in the first place.
On the other hand, the NPF leadership is jittery because of the impatience of its MLAs. For sure, the Leader of the Opposition, TR Zeliang, and party president, Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu, would have sleepless nights. The meeting called by Liezietsu is expected to take stock of the situation before any further damaged beyond repair.
It is not without reason the electorates today have completely lost hope on lawmakers for their unprincipled and instable politics. The cry for accountability and responsibility falls on unhearing ears and many politicians no longer represent the interest of the people. There are no more leaders with integrity, who can speak for the people.
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