Police issues advisory to Churches in Kohima

Police issues advisory to Churches in Kohima

Kohima, May 18: Kohima Police has issued advisory to Churches in the capital city to take precautionary measures after the horrendous attacks on churches and high-ends hotels in Sri Lanka during Easter Sunday last month by Islamic terrorists. Senior Superintendent of Police, P. Sendongmeren in a letter to Reverends and Pastors of Churches in Kohima suggested the need to install CCTV with live monitoring system to check suspicious activities, including thefts of vehicles etc.
Phek police have already issued advisory to the Churches last month.
“Any suspicious movement of a person may be kept an eye on and reported to the police. Any unclaimed objects should be handled with suspicion. In such case, police should be informed,” the SP said.
He sought the cooperation of the Churches to help police to serve better, adding should there be any requirement of further briefing police will be more glad to assist.
After the deadly attack in Sri Lanka, people particularly living in Kohima and Dimapur are quite apprehensive as the two metropolitan towns are infested with outsiders who are mostly businessmen and labourers, many of them with doubtful identities.
Dimapur, the commercial hub of the State, is also suspected to have some radical elements which could pose threat to the people if no precautionary and effective measures are taken by the authorities and communities.
Kohima and Dimapur also have scores of churches in every nook and corner, and alleys which can be an easy target for radical elements.
“I write this concerning steps and precautionary measures which if implemented by your church will go a long way in solving traffic management during church service as well as help prevent untoward incidents in the wake of recent attacks on religious institutions,” the SP stated.
Meanwhile Kohima police sought cooperation from the Church to streamline traffic during the church hours to avoid double and haphazard parking to avoid traffic jams. “To provide volunteers to assist traffic management during worship services. Designated parking should be identified around the church. During special programs, assistance of traffic police may be sought for from the police of the SP Kohima,” Sengdongmeren stated in the letter.
One reason for traffic jam in Kohima city is due to irresponsible and random parking of vehicles and inattentive and unmindful driving, dumping of materials and offroad vehicles along the narrow roads. All ward and colony roads are occupied by random parking of vehicles. Roads in Kohima have become parking lots for vehicles owners which has compounded the traffic congestion in the city. (Page News Service)