Friday, January 22, 2021
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Police, CAPF to conduct joint patrols to check extortion


Dimapur, January 12: In order to instil greater public confidence and check illegal extortion, Dimapur police together with the para-military/CAPF forces will be conducting joint patrols, MVCPs and also provide joint escorts to transport convoys.
Informing this, Dimapur police sought necessary cooperation from the general public in this regard.
Police also informed that the following numbers can be contacted for any assistance:
Police Control Room – 7085055050; New Field Gate – 7085055040; Dillai Gate – 7085055042; Chumoukedima Gate – 7085055041; Mobile Unit – 7085055046; Highway Patrol Unit – 7085065160 and Para-military/CAPF – 9366160562/ 7086849191.
(Page News Service)