Thursday, July 29, 2021

Poang Lum Mini Hornbill Festival underway at Tuensang

Dimapur, January 10: The Chang community kicked started its premier festival Poang Lum Mini Hornbill Festival on January 10 at Loyem Memorial ground Tuensang. The festivity is organized by Chang Khulei Setshang and sponsored by Government of Nagaland under the theme ‘Propelling Cultural Values’.
Advisor to Water Resources Department, Namri Nchang inaugurated the festival as special guest while Minister for Forest, Environment Climate Change, CM Chang was the host of the programme. Ngoun Khiamniunagan, President, Khiamniungan Tribal Council was the tribal guest while Lempoksng Lemtur, Additional SP Tuensang was the co-host of the event. Sangkhum Chang Hd. GB C/Khel Tuensang Village and Rev Achu Chang Executive Secretary CBLT initiated the herald of the celebration.
In his speech, the special guest lauded the Government of Nagaland for giving opportunity to all the tribes of Nagaland to organizing such events to retrieve the culture and tradition of the tribal of Nagaland. The idea of the Government is to run the hornbill festival throughout the year with respective tribes of Nagaland which will contribute towards evolvement of more entrepreneurs amongst the educated youth along with cultural and traditional revival of the tribes, he stated.
Nungsang Lemba, President, CKS presented the significance of the Poang Lum. Ngoun Khiamniungan, the tribal guest of the event, also delivered a short speech where he mentioned about the age old bond between Chang and Khiamniungan community.
The Advisor also inaugurated the stalls which was followed by cultural items presented by Khiamniungan Cultural Troupe, Tuensang Village Cultural Troupe, Pangan Chia, Hakchang Cultural Troupe, ?-Chia Nakshou Cultural Troupe, Chongli Chia, Haak Cultural Troupe, Lo Chia and Chingmei Cultural.
Miss Chang Beauty Pageant competition will be held as part of the event under the theme ‘reflections of perfection’ which will be organized by Changsao Thangjam Setshang. Ayong Chang, President ENWO will be the special guest for the event.
(Page News Service)