Friday, May 7, 2021

PM Theresa May battles to keep Brexit alive

London, January 18: Doubts remained whether the Brexit Plan B Prime Minister Theresa May will present in Parliament on Monday will be different from the one that was voted down on Tuesday, but the focus has now shifted to the new deal, to be debated and put to vote on January 29.
Given May’s inflexibility on the basic contours of the ways in which Brexit is to happen, Labour and other parties said the Plan B may turn out to be a tweaked version of her defeated deal with the EU, unless she agrees to changes on the basics.
Labour insisted on not joining talks unless May rules out the UK leaving the EU on March 29 without an agreement, considered the worst-case scenario due to its adverse effect on the economy, prices, movement of people and other aspects of everyday life.
Others have insisted on holding a second referendum, but a spokesman for May ruled it out. He added to concerns of the Opposition by stating that May is determined to stick to her Brexit ‘principles’, despite the strong opposition to them from allies and foes that led to the Tuesday defeat. (HT)