Thursday, June 13, 2024

PM praises Manmohan Singh while bidding farewell to retiring RS members

Manmohan Singh

NEW DELHI, FEBRUARY 8: Bidding farewell to retiring members of the Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday showered fulsome praise on his predecessor Manmohan Singh for guiding the House and the nation during his long tenure and said he will figure in every discussion on democracy in the country.
“I remember during voting in the House, even when it was known that the Treasury Benches would win, Dr Manmohan Singh came in a wheelchair and cast his vote. This is an example of a member being alert about his duties. He was an inspirational example”, he said. Dr Singh was only strengthening democracy in the country, Modi said and conveyed his best wishes to the former PM for a long and healthy life.
The PM noted that while the Lok Sabha changes after every 5 years, the Rajya Sabha gets a new life every 2 years. Similarly, the PM said, the biennial farewell also leaves indelible memories and priceless legacy for the new members.
Modi said the members who are leaving the House for another public platform will hugely benefit from their experience in the Rajya Sabha. “This is a diverse university of 6 years, shaped by experiences. Anyone who goes out from here goes enriched and strengthens the work of nation-building”, he said.
He said the members who are leaving today had the opportunity to be in both old and the new building and they are leaving bearing witness to the Amrit Kaal and 75 years of the Constitution.
Recalling the COVID pandemic when uncertainties loomed large over the country, the PM lauded the commitment of the members for not letting any hindrance come in the way of the functioning of the House. He noted the huge risks undertaken by the MPs to fulfill their responsibilities. He also expressed deep grief for those members who lost their lives to COVID and said that the House accepted it with grace and continued to move forward.
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