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PM Modi’s will & determination to resolve Naga issue seems eroding: KG Kenye

K G Kenye

KOHIMA, August 26: Rajya Sabha MP and Secretary General of the Naga People’s Front (NPF), KG Kenye said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “will and determination” to resolve the Naga political issue seemed to be eroding as the years passed by. He said this while talking to NEPS here at his private residence on Sunday.
The MP, while replying to a query whether he believed that the Modi Government would really resolve the Naga issue before the 2019 Parliamentary Elections, said, “To me, in the beginning when he took over the reign of power at the Center, I saw him a very determined leader to sincerely resolve the Naga issue during his tenure as Prime Minister.” But as the years passed by, his will and determination seemed to be eroding, he added.
The Rajya Sabha MP also said that anyone could notice the Prime Minister’s “lackadaisical attitude and approach” to the Naga issue. “I don’t know what cause that changed their approach was but the zeal and determination is not the same as when he took over as Prime Minister in the beginning,” he asserted.
Kenye also said he only came to know about Interlocutor to Naga talks, RN Ravi’s deliberations with the Parliamentary Standing Committee with regard to the Naga peace process when the Report (Report of Parliamentary Standing Committee) was tabled in the last Monsoon Session of Parliament.
He, however, admitted that they did not have any access to the information of the Naga peace process except that what he came to know from the Report tabled in the Parliament.
He further disclosed that the Report covered the entire North East but in reality, a few paragraphs were touching on the Naga peace process. “They have dwelt more on the past and the present historical backgrounds or whatever incidents that have taken place and how the Government managed to maintain peace and what progress it has been making,” he said. “But very less has been focused on the future action plan or the approach for resolving the Naga political issue.”
“Whether Ravi and his colleagues had not thoroughly discussed those with the Parliamentary Standing Committee or they have not reflected properly on those written Report, that is something we have to ascertain,” he disclosed.
“So till now, we are in the dark as to which stage they have reached,” he said. “And as to whether they have resolved other issues or still have to be resolved, that we don’t know.”
“For us we have said that we are facilitator to the peace process and we stand by our words and if our service is required in any day, we are ready for it,” Kenye stated. (NEPS)