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PM eager to solve Naga political issue: Union MoS

Union MoS Dr Rajkumar Ranjan Singh and BJP Nagaland leaders during the press conference at Hotel Japfu Kohima on August 17, 2021.

KOHIMA, AUGUST 17: The Union Minister of State for External Affairs and Education, Dr Rajkumar Ranjan Singh said that the predecessor Government at the Centre had kept the Naga negotiations lingering but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is eager to resolve the vexed Naga political issue (NPI).
The Union MoS Dr Singh, who was on a maiden visit to the State after being inducted in the Union Ministry as part of the ‘Jan Ashirwad Yatra’ (blessing trip), said this to Reporters here today.

“Prime Minister Modi is eager to resolve the Naga issue because of which, after taking oath as the PM, he targeted an early solution of the Naga issue and initiated the signing of the Framework Agreement”, he said.
He is still eager to conclude the agreement with a positive result so as to have fruitful result and progress will be faster, said Dr Singh, while expressing hope that Framework Agreement would bring overall peace in the region and particularly to Nagaland.
About his meeting with various sections of people and Naga organizations in the State since yesterday at Dimapur and Kohima, Dr Singh said that all of them have the same opinion of solving the Naga political issue as early as possible.
“That is their main view and aspiration and I will convey the message to the higher authorities in Delhi”, he said.
The Union MoS termed the influx of illegal immigrants, especially from Bangladesh into the North East region as a ‘very critical issue’ since the time of India’s Independence, partisan of India-Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh.
Nonetheless, he said that such an influx is happening because the indigenous people of the region are not alert and nobody cares about it despite the impact on the political and economic rights of the region.

Even the social demography has been impacted to a great extent, he said.
He also accused that prior to the BJP Government coming to power in the Centre, all the borders of the region were porous.
He therefore appealed to the people of the region to remain alert and also to be vigil along with proper rules to stop illegal immigration from different countries.
On the formation of opposition-less Government in the State, Dr Singh said the present Modi Government is for good governance while in a democratic system opposition plays the role of a watchdog for the people in general.
If all are together to bring development for the people in a speedy manner, it (all party government) is also good but normally the opposition should remain active so as to maintain check and balance and also serve the interest of the people, Dr Singh opined.
Further, the Union MoS said that the ‘Jan Ashirwad Yatra’ is initiated by the Prime Minister Modi for all the newly inducted Union Ministers to take the blessings of the people of the country and also familiarize with the people.
The induction of MPs from the North East into the Union Cabinet shows that Modi has a special interest in the development of North East as an aspirational region of the country.
He said the PM has asked the Union Ministers to go to the States to meet with the people and seek their blessings as well as their opinions in the development process.
He stated that Modi has been maintaining that without the development and connectivity of the region, the country cannot develop and has transformed the landlocked region into a land linked area.

Expressing his special interest in Nagaland, Dr Singh said he wants to see the progress of development and also the natural condition of the State.
On his arrival on Monday, he took blessings of religious groups, minority groups and the general population of the State in order to build better coordination and confidence between the Centre and the State.
Being the face of North East and assigned with External Affairs and Education Ministries, Dr Singh said these are prestigious and critical portfolios.
The PM has full confidence in the North East region, he said, adding that assignment of the Education Department to a non-Hindi speaking person shows the interest of the PM to develop Hindi in the North East along with the mother tongue of the region.
He also said that the New Education Policy will have to be implemented for the welfare of the future generation while also expressing hope that those imparted education with the New Education Policy will lead the nation towards being a superpower.
On External Affairs, Dr Singh said that though it deals only with foreign countries, the immense natural resources available in the North East including hydrocarbon and the bio-resources can be explored with funding from foreign countries for the economic benefit of the region.

The Resident Commissioners of all 8 North Eastern State in Delhi have been asked to search for avenues to link with foreign countries for direct funding to the States towards exploring natural resources and economic benefit.
The North East encircles 4 foreign countries ~ China, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bhutan ~ while many regional economic powers are booming for economic exploration in this region.
Also Act East Policy will be activated very soon after the COVID-19 pandemic and the current issues in Myanmar so if the people of the region need to be alert and well-equipped to directly benefit from the Policy.
Dr Singh also asserted that he would focus on the region’s educational institutions by linking them with the national and foreign countries.
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