Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Plastic Ban: STF decides on more awareness campaign in Dimapur


Dimapur, January 23: A review meeting of the Special Task Force for restricting plastic use in Dimapur today decided the impose Rs 1000 fine for first time offence, Rs 2000 for second time offence and cancellation of trade license along with necessary fines to be levied by Dimapur Municipal Council for third time offence.
The ban on single use plastic in Dimapur came into effect from September 18 last year, ahead of the state-wide total ban on plastic from October 1. However, the advanced imposition of ban appears to be on paper only as the banned items are used and easily available in the market.
There is also ban on packaged mineral water bottles below 20 litres but that again appears to have been forgotten as mineral waters are sold openly outside every Government and civic body offices, including district administration and police.
Reviewing the status of the ban on single use plastic in Chumukedima, Niuland and Medziphema today, the Dimapur STF meeting decided on the stringent penalties, besides also deciding to go for IEC activities in schools and colleges to generate awareness on environmentally sustainable practices, including social media campaign.
Such awareness campaigns were also conducted last year before the imposition of the ban on October 1 in the State (Sept 28 in Dimapur).
Today’s meeting decided that awareness and sensitization will be spread (again) among the public regarding ban on all single use plastics including Polythene, Nylon, Thermocol, Plastic cutlery, Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), Poly styrene and Poly propylene (PPP). Mineral water bottles below 20 litres appear to have escaped the attention of the STF.
The meeting also decided to integrate plastic ban component under Swachhta Hi Seva.
On arrangements for transport of segregated plastic waste to identify collection points, the DC Dimapur directed the Dimapur Municipal Council to identify plastic collection points. (Page News Service)