Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Planning Dept replies to PDR queries


Dimapur, August 21: Responding to the clarifications sought on double withdrawal and financial assistance under CMCF by People for Democratic Rights (PDR), the Planning & Coordination Department today stated that during 2016-17, an amount of Rs 20 lakh was earmarked under CMCF for provision of incentive to candidates who clear the preliminary examination of UPSC.
It disclosed that 15 candidates were provided Rs 25,000 each.
The Department said out of the total amount Rs 3,75,000 was utilized while the balance amount of Rs 16,25,000 was utilized to meet the expenditure on purchase of computers, consumable items and stationery as the administrative expenses was not provided during 2015-16. This was done after observing formalities and obtaining necessary approvals, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Planning & Coordination Department stated.
The Department also stated that during 2017-18, an amount of Rs 25 lakhs was earmarked for the UPSC candidates, out of which Rs 2,75,000 was utilized for 11 candidates at the rate of Rs 25,000 per candidate. The balance of Rs 22,25,000 would be carried forward to the current year 2018-19, it said.
The department also provided the list of beneficiaries who were provided financial assistance under CMCF during 2017-18. The first batch of 71 beneficiaries received Rs 190 lakhs while the second batch of 45 beneficiaries under CMCF received Rs 50 lakhs.
The department also disclosed that Rs 1 crore was sanctioned to 10 beneficiaries during 2016-27.
On allegations of double drawal for 6 works-Construction of soiling and metalling of road to DPO staff quarter at Dimapur amounting to Rs 8 lakhs; construction of RCC water reservoir tank with underground pipe connection for planning staff quarter at Planing Staff area Kohima amounting to Rs 15 lakhs; construction of multipurpose hall at planning staff quarter compound amounting to Rs 100 lakhs; construction of District Planning Office complex, Kohima amounting to Rs 35 lakhs; construction of approach road from CM’s residence to New complex at planning staff quarters amounting to Rs 20 lakhs; and construction of retaining wall at PLN/54 amounting to Rs 20 lakhs, the Department pointed out that that drawal authority for the 6 works was issued on November 3, 2017 but was withdrawn by Finance Department even before the drawal authority was authenticated by the Directorate of Treasuries & Accounts.
Stating that the question of drawal does not arise, the Department further stated that since the 6 works were ongoing/completed, Finance Department allocated Rs 200 lakh to Planning & Coordination Department for the same and drawal authority was issued on December 20,2017 and the amount was drawn.
The Department also stated that Rs 1 crore was allocated to the Planning & Coordination Department for works executed under evaluation by the Finance Department to reduce procedural delays and avoid lapse of funds since the amount was allocated at the fag end of financial year 2017-18.
Accordingly, the planning department could complete the formalities and draw the amount of Rs 1 crore on March 31, 2018, which was disbursed to the Evaluation Department on April 30, 2018 and Actual Payment Receipt has been obtained. (Page News Service)