Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Page Mail

Plan and move ahead!

Dear Madam,
We Nagas are always in tune with the latest fashion attires and cars but we forgot to equip ourselves for the 21st century in our Offices We had telephones replaced by cellphones and typewriters replaced by computers so we redesignated Typists as computer assistants but we forgot to do the same for thousands of Posts, stubbornly holding on to our 19th century mentality.
Now to create new posts is out of the question, so it is time to redesignate 25% regular posts to absorb our highly qualified youth This is possible only when we update the century old qualification criterias and replace it with new terminologies like Police Inspector cum Microbiologist, lawyer, Pathologist, electronics, computer engineer etc., ASI cum Staff nurse etc, Havildars cum technicians and so on.
I think its high time for those of us who live in Smart Cities with the latest gadgets to plan accordingly and move ahead.
Keweü Kenye Yepthomi