Monday, September 20, 2021

Phek dist open badminton championship ends

Phek Dist Badminton

Kohima, July 28: The Phek District Badminton Association (PDBA) has successfully conducted Phek District Open Badminton Championship and Veteran Tournament from July 26 to 27 last at Multi -Purpose Indoor Stadium Pfutsero.
Minister planning & coordination, land revenue and parliamentary affairs Neiba Kronu who also participated in the veteran tournament exhorted the Badminton players and a host of public leaders.
Kronu expressed his happiness over the huge turn- out of the participants in this 2019 edition of PDBA Open Championship and Veteran Tournament.
“Young people taking up sports is a healthy sign to build a vibrant society,” he maintained.
The minister also urged the participants to take sports seriously and aim to excel in the National and International tournaments.
He also reminded the gatherings that nothing good in life comes easy and challenged the gatherings to be discipline, work hard and practice consistently to excel in life.
Kronu also reassured his commitment to work hard in creating sports infrastructure to felicitate growth and development of sports.
PDBA president Kelhikha Kenye highlighted activities of PDBA from 2017-2019 including the hosting of Nagaland Inter-District and State Open Badminton Championship 2018 at Pfutsero.
Kenye lauded Neiba Kronu for being sports patron who facilitated creation of sports infrastructure for the youth and the upcoming sports lovers.
He appreciated Kronu for extending his fullest support in hosting the Inter-District Badminton Tournament in 2018 at Pfutsero.
Altogether, 120 badminton players participated in this two day tournament.
Special awards were presented to the youngest participants(boys & girls) sponsored by Colo Mero, Director Life Sports while Aotula Imchen, IPS SDPO Pfutsero sponsored prizes for the youngest category boys & girls.
G-Sports, event partner of the tournament also sponsored special prizes for the junior players.
Meanwhile, Nomination Committee has announced new team of PDBA for the tenure 2019-21 with Dietho Koza as president and Dr. Nutazo Lohe as general secretary.
Under-13 Girls (Single)
1st: Mhekhro-u
2nd: Wetshopre-u
Under 15 Girls (Single)
Ist: Lhiti-u
2nd: Wechote-u
Under 17 Girls (Single)
Ist: Wechote-u
2nd: Kuwe-u
Under 17 Girls (Double)
Ist: Kuwe-u & Pewe-u
2nd: Lhiti-u & Wawe-u
Under 19 Girls (Single)
Ist: Pewe-u
2nd Kuwe-u
Under 19 Girls (Double)
1st: Pewe-u & Bethel
2nd: Kuwe-u & Wechote-u
Under 13 Boys (Single)
Ist: Shenuto
2nd: Bode

Under 13 Boys ( Double)
Ist: Amusuh & Kuluve
2nd: Shenuto & Huveto
Under 15 Boys (Single )
Ist: Mvuku
2nd: Pete
Under 15 Boys (Double)
Ist: Weteto & Koude
2nd: Rhiche & Pete
Under 19 Boys (Single)
Ist: Neilhipe
2nd: Wate
Under 19 Boys (Double)
Ist: Nelhipe & Wate
2nd: Rukuwe & Lhiwetso
Open Men ( Single)
1st: Wekhrope
2nd: Nuhutso
Open Men (Double)
Ist: Wekhrope & Ruvezo
2nd: Vepfu & Vezosu
Sub- Veteran 35+
Ist: Vevosa & Setichem
2nd: Dr. Kupe & Kekhrozulo
Ist: Vevosa & Setichem
2nd: Dietho & Khoto
1st: Dietho & Khoto
2nd: Weprepe & Asa
Ist: Lhiwepelo & Razhukhrie
2nd: Wepuchu & Kedulhi
Mixed Double
Ist: Sekhotolu & Wekhape
2nd: Neipetso-u & Neichupe
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