Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Petitioners against illegal formation of NCD reacts to Selection Committee

The petitioners against the illegal formation of the NCD is amazed to read in media the statement made by the selection committee that was unconstitutionally formed by the outgoing NCD Councilors from amongst non- members and therefore constraint to issue this statement about the genesis of the present crisis so as to maintain the integrity of the NCD for posterity.
The tenure for the outgoing NCD was to expire on 6thMarch 2020, but they continued to remain in office claiming that they are yet to complete their final report. After this, they extended their tenure unconstitutionally for another three months on the pretext of the ongoing construction of the new cemetery, but was rejected by the Dimapur based Tribal Forum. Therefore, they apologized which was accepted by the Tribal Forum on the condition that they have to complete the handing over by 31st March, 2020. However, the said Councillors shamelessly carried on clinging to the Chair beyond the allotted time without any information that led the Tribal Forum to question the legality of the office. In the meantime, the new councilors thus nominated by their respective tribes were denied being installed nor allowed to occupy the office whereas the old team went ahead organizing programs in spite of the pandemic, including the inauguration of the new cemetery. Later on, they appointed some outsiders/non-councilors by the name of Selection Commission without the knowledge of the new councilors to select the new office bearers for the new term, which is completely unconstitutional. This is totally an attempt to make NCD a syndicate system wherein the outgoing councilors had the audacity to assign non-members of NCD to appoint new office bearers as per their whims and wishes. This was highly objectionable; as setting up of office bearers for the new term without the knowledge and involvement of the new councilors for whom the office bearers are being selected is unconstitutional. Therefore, having left with no option for the new councilors, the petitioners moved the honorable court to seek legal justice against the autocratic manner of functioning by the old team. It is pertinent to mention here that the Hon’ble Court had even stayed the appointment of the so-called Selection Commission by the outgoing Councilors based on merit of the case. In a nutshell, the whole matter is for the selection of the Office bearers for the new tenure without the involvement of the duly nominated Councilors for the new term.
And since the matter is sub judice in the court of law pending final judgment, we need not debate in media again to preserve the sanctity and neutrality of the court to judge upon the merit of the case.

J Walter Longchar
S Mar Aier
Chovose Nienu