Peter Dinklage: Tyrion has feelings for Daenerys Targaryen

Peter Dinklage: Tyrion has feelings for Daenerys Targaryen

The last episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones had Bran Stark and Samwell Tarly discussing Jon Snow’s true parentage. They realise he is an heir to the Iron Throne. In a ship leaving for White Harbor from King’s Landing, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, unaware they are related by blood, make love. We saw Tyrion Lannister looking at Jon as he enters Dany’s room with… jealousy? Worry? We could not quite pinpoint his emotion.
Dinklage, who plays the role of Tyrion in the HBO show, jokes while speaking to Entertainment Weekly, “Keep it down over there, I’m trying to get some sleep!” while speaking to Entertainment Weekly. He then gave a more serious and detailed answer.
He says, “No, ah, it’s complicated… A lot of the time with Tyrion, it’s professional and personal. Obviously, he has feelings for Daenerys. He loves her — or thinks he does. She’s awe-inspiring. He’s questioning that because he doesn’t have a good track record for falling in love. There’s jealousy wrapped up in there. And he loves Jon Snow, too. They’re the two people he has the most in common with, in a way — they’re both outsiders in their own families who have refused to follow the path their family has taken, and hopefully for the better. He’s wondering how smart of a move [Jon and Dany getting romantically involved is], because passion and politics don’t mix well. He knows the two of them getting together could be very dangerous.”
Of course, Tyrion, like nearly the entire realm, is unaware that Dany is Jon’s aunt. Imagine the upheaval inside his heart when he comes to know that.
Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season arrives next year.