Thursday, June 17, 2021

Peren to restrict inter-district movement from Aug 6

Dimapur, August 4: Peren District Task Force on COVID-19 has decided to restrict inter-district movement travel) from August 6 onwards for two weeks in order to minimize the risk of possible local/community transmission of COVID-19 in the District.
The meeting decided that all inbound travelers/ returnee will be permitted to enter the District only through the existing check gate at Mhainamtsi & Heningkunglwa. All unauthorized travelers entering the district will be mandatorily quarantined and tested as per the medical protocol on payment.
Movement of public and vehicles in & out of the District shall be strictly prohibited except on medical/official emergencies with necessary permit from the concerned authorities from respective Sub-division
Inter District movement of commercial Passengers vehicles shall remain barred except vehicles carrying goods from Dimapur. All concerned Administrative officers shall come up with operational modalities as per the requirement.
In a meeting held on August 3 under the chairmanship of DC Peren-cum-DTF chairman, Sentiwapang Aier, NCS, the DTF decided that all commercial vehicles carrying passengers will be stopped and selected vehicles as approved by the respective Block ADCs for carrying goods shall only be allowed.
The administration will issue order for Government employees where 50% strength in all offices to be manned by personnel stationed within the District only. Movement of Government staff will restricted, the meeting decided.
For random travelers, option to be provided to either enter the district where they have to get mandatorily undergo paid COVID testing and quarantine for 7 days with paid fooding or to go back and return after 14 days.
It also decided that travel to other districts or inter district via Poilwa will be totally restricted. Travelers entering the District on foot shall either be kept in police quarantine or paid quarantine.
In the meeting, a briefing on the current COVID scenario in the district was made by DSO Peren, Dr Hedungkeibe. He informed that only 35 inmates were presently lodged, out of which 18 were positive. He also highlighted the issues of lodging for frontline workers, paid testing and shifting of Heningkunglwa check gate to Punglwa.
After deliberations, the house decided that Centre Point Hotel at Jalukie, which can accommodate 30 persons, shall be used for quarantine facility for health workers and arrangement to be made by DSO. Hotel Holiday Inn, Peren Town and Home Stay shall be discontinued and Aine Nursing Home at Jalukie to be continued as Non-Covid Hospital till further discussions.
The board members also decided to instruct sanitizing team to sanitize all schools before handing over after quarantine facility use has ended. This is especially in context to the upcoming off line examinations to be conducted for students.
Taking note that a large area under Ngwalwa Circle is not being covered, the house also resolved to temporarily shift Heningkunglwa check gate to Punglwa for a period of 14 days from August 6.
On paid COVID testing, the DTF decided that it shall be conducted at a nominal charge of Rs 1500 for those persons who do not come under the criteria for free testing like: visitors randomly entering the District in the coming fortnight from August 6 and those on request.
(Page News Service)