Tuesday, July 23, 2024

People ruling country spreading hatred, dividing people: Rahul Gandhi

Kozhikode (Kerala), March 9: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday attacked the Central government by saying the people ruling the country are spreading anger and hatred, and dividing the nation.
Speaking at the inauguration of a building of Mukkam Muslim Orphanage here, the Congress MP said the result of the anger spread by the government reflects on the economy — the increasing level of unemployment and sky-rocketing prices of commodities.
“Today, it is clear that people ruling our country are spreading anger, spreading hatred and dividing the country. You can see the result of the anger spread by our government. You can see what has happened to our economy, look at the level of unemployment, the skyrocketing prices,” said Gandhi, who was on a two-day visit to Kerala.
All of this is due to the people being divided and not working together, he said and suggested a conversation between people to make them realise they all are the same, he said.
Gandhi further said people should be made to realise that if their neighbour is unhappy, it would only be a matter of time when they would also become unhappy. Therefore, people should treat others as they treat themselves. “That is the task in front of us,” he said.
Responding to hatred with hatred or anger was not the solution, the only way to fight hatred is through love and affection, he said.
Earlier in the day, he opened a Congress office in Wayanad where, he said, the office should be a weapon for the people of that district. Definitely, not for violence, he added. (PTI)