People question Aadhaar, but will get naked before white man for visa: KJ Alphons

People question Aadhaar, but will get naked  before white man for visa: KJ Alphons

NEW DELHI, March 25: In the wake of media reports claiming breach of the UIDAI’s database, Union Minister KJ Alphons today sought to chasten Aadhaar naysayers with an interesting analogy.
“I filled up to 10 pages for US Visa form. We have absolutely no problem giving our fingerprints and getting body naked before the white man at all. When your own government asks for your name and address there is a massive revolution saying it’s intrusion in privacy (sic),” Alphons was quoted as saying by ANI.
The Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology was responding to the opposition parties’ increasingly outspoken anti-Aadhaar sentiments stemming from concerns about data safety.
Case in point: Congress president Rahul Gandhi today took a jab at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over recent reports that the BJP-powered ‘NaMo’ app shares registered users’ data with a US-based behavioral analytics company, much like the now-disgraced Cambridge Analytica firm at the centre of the Facebook data scandal.
While the BJP posted a strong rebuttal to these allegations, Alphons too scoffed at the notion that the country’s leader would be a complicit in such a deed.
“You think Prime Minister is going to give your data to a private company! Don’t believe such fake stories,” he said dismissively.
Alphons went on to assuage people’s security related-concerns about the database of UIDAI, the Aadhaar-issuing body.
“What is given in Aadhaar are just name and address. Your bio-metric data is with UIDAI and let me assure you that it has not been breached, its absolutely secure. We have given authorisation to govt agencies to access,” he told ANI.
UIDAI had yesterday refuted reports about a fresh data leak of Aadhaar holders, and asserted that there has been “absolutely no breach” of its database.
It termed the data breach claims as “totally baseless, false and irresponsible”.
The statement was issued after ZDNet, a technology news portal, cited a security researcher’s claim to state that a system of state-owned utility firm was allegedly leaking information on Aadhaar holders. (Agencies)