People of country share common value system: Nirmala Sitharaman


Hyderabad, June 9: People of the country share the common value system and culturally they are one, though they speak in different languages, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said here today.
“That cultural oneness is what that has kept us together,” she said.
She referred to descriptions and episodes in ‘Bhagavata’ and worship of Lord Krishna which were commonly shared by people in the North East, in the South and in other parts of the country.
Sitharaman was Chief Guest at a talk on ‘Re-emergence of India that is Bharat: Role of 5th Estate’ organised by the Samskruti Foundation.
RSS Joint General Secretary Suresh Soni, who was the principal speaker at the event, highlighted Indian values and ethos of harmony, compassion and peaceful co-existence, speaking extensively on different issues.
The ethos teach living in harmony with nature and not exploiting it out of greed, he said, adding that the ethos can show the path to the world. (PTI)