Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Peace Channel, Wokha conducts program on dialogue and peer mediation

Dimapur, February 22: Peace Channel, Wokha unit conducted program on peace building with special focus on ‘dialogue’ and ‘Peer Mediation’ with WNPEK (Wokha Nkonjan Pastor Ekhumkho Kumshum) consisting of 8 village pastor who represented in the program on February 18 last at Wokha village conference hall. Another session on Peer Mediation was held on February 21 with the women education for peace through peer education which is one of an important methodology in peace building.
Workshop program on dialogue with youth peer mediation member was held on February 22 in Wokha at ONYX Conference hall.
Speaking on the occasion the speaker, Vincent Kikon, Coordinator of Peace Channel Wokha unit encouraged and challenged the participants to render selflessly in building peace which begins from oneself, to family and to the society generally. The social condition has become fixated with much criticism where an individual finds difficult and challenging to grow with so many negativity. Loss of our rich cultural heritage is one of the reasons behind social commotion which inevitably begins from oneself, he added.
Bikhamo Yanthan, Pastor, Humtso Baptist Church shared on social perspective of peace building relating to the ground reality of economic difficulties which disrupt individual and later to the society. All the participants give their opinion on peace mostly on biblical teachings.
On this assumption the speaker, Kikon exhorted the participants to look into individual beside many propagandas and theoretical knowledge and retrospect oneself with a question of what kind of faith does one has? and what kind of people of faith we are?
Peer Mediation program was held with women leaders which focused on community peace building through women participation in conflict intervention.
The resource person, Vincent Kikon shared on the advantages of Peer Mediation in community conflict which not only specify on that area but it benefits within and in a family. Women are blessed with an ability which men cannot justify this gift most particularly in conflict interventions, he added.
Youth Peer Mediation program was held with special focus on responsibility taking, problem solving with special preference on ‘dialogue’, and challenges that youth faces today.
Speaking during the occasion, Vincent Kikon the resource person presented the ways and possibilities of overcoming challenges, the technique of asking the right question in conflict intervention and the ability, the duty and the character that an individual should possess to be a responsible individual.
C Nzanthung Tungoe a vibrant youth from Mt. Tiyi College shared the core duty which an individual should practice to bring peace in different aspects of the society and he encourage the participants to have the courage of education oneself in the first place and educating other the good values that has been learned for a positive change and a peaceful environment in future.
Mhachoni and Temjinsubo thanked the resource person for imparting a life knowledge and shared the motive of sustainable peace which the two speaker pointed out that it is our responsibility and our duty as a youth of this generation, and to be at worst or to be at best depends on each individual how the responsibility is implemented by each one of us.
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