Peace Channel urges women to be part of peace building process in Nagaland

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Dimapur, February 19: Considering the vital role of women in all fields and the inherent potentials to bring about transformation in the society, Peace Channel has called upon the women to be a part in Peace building process in Nagaland.
The call was made during an event for People’s Forum for Peace members which was organised by Peace Channel Dimapur at Zeliang Catholic Community, Burma Camp, Dimapur, informed a press release on Saturday.
Addressing the session the resource person Caroline Leisan talked about the role of women in “promoting peace and building peace”.
She also stated that there is a great need for women to get involved in the process of peace building and be part of the negotiating table in the lobbying, facilitating and mediating for the larger interest of the women community.
According to her, women play a vital role in almost all the fields and should not be ignored or neglected. She said that women have potentials dynamic, if guided well, and could bring transformation and change in Naga society.
She stated that to rebuild the peace process in Nagaland, women should own up the responsibilities and work on it sincerely.
All together 28 participants attended the programme.
Meanwhile, as part of one-day training, Peace Channel conducted a capacity building programme for teacher animators and students of St. Josephe’s School, Niuland.
The objective of the programme was to impart “peace education” and to emphasise the importance of peace in the mind of young.
Resource person Kaka Teresa talked about the concept of peace during the event.
She emphasised on the main objectives of peace and peace building. Students were also motivated to understand the concept of peace to transfer the culture of violence into culture of peace.
She told the students that peace was not just merely the absence of war but a situation where individuals or group actively collaborate and co-exist in harmony and understanding despite odds.
She also lamented that to bring peace in the society is a complex process and does not have an instant outcome.
Practicum Peace Celebration was done with and evaluation and action plan by various groups. Altogether 80 students and 3 teacher animators participated in the programme.
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