Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Peace Channel organizes skill development programme

Dimapur, April 17: Peace Channel organized Skill development programme on the topic, “Leadership and Self exploration” at Sacred Heart School, Khuzama on April 15.
According to UNICEF, Life skills based education aims for violence prevention an peace building which promotes the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to bring about behavioural change that will enable children to prevent conflict and violence, resolve conflict peacefully among the peers, family and promote peace in the community.
The programme followed participatory methodology which includes brainstorming, games, lecture and group discussion with the following objectives a) to empower the peace club members to cultivate attitudes for constructive, active and non-violence resolution of conflicts, b) to empower the members to respond to challenges and opportunities in innovative and creative ways, and to work together towards a common goal i.e., building peace in Nagaland.
Alino S Chishi Kohima District Coordinator, Peace Channel facilitate the session. At her introductory statement she said that life skills enable the individuals to adapt to situations and people that leads to healthy and positive relationships. After introduction, activity was carried out on understanding skills and life skills.
After serious of brainstorming the skills were categorized into Literary skills, language skills, functional skills, vocational skills , lifeskills and etc. The facilitator gave a definition on life skills as given by WHO and said that like any other skills -life skills is very important for a peace agent. She further highlighted different life skills which are- Self awareness, empathy, critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication, decision making, problem solving, coping with stress and emotions and etc.
She asserted that each topic on these life skills will take minimum 90 minutes and 120 at maximum.
The following session was discussed on leadership and self exploration. During discussion the club members shared different qualities of leadership. After collecting the ideas of leadership the facilitator adds that the good leadership requires all those skills discussed earlier on life skills.
To become an effective leaders self exploration is significant. She explained that self exploration is a diagolue within oneself, exploring about “what you are”, what you “want to be” which includes ones desires, hobby, goals and dreams and so on.
Another activity included SWOT analysis where the members were given time to reflect and write down their Strength, weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threats. The facilitator asserted that once all the members complete the activity they will be able to bring about themselves into awareness, recognition of self which will build them a sense of self esteem and self confidence.
During the discussion many of the members ask the facilitator on how to deal with stress. Therefore, with the majority consent the members decided to discus on coping up with stress as an action plan.
Previously, on April 6 capacity building on the topic, “Gender and Peace” was organised at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Kohima. Elizabeth, the peace club member said that equality is for all and everyone should be given equal opportunity.
The programme ended with Peace pledge and peace Anthem which is a renewal and promise of the members that they will promote peace in any circumstances by living the values and believing in one Supreme God.
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