Thursday, June 17, 2021

Peace Channel organizes capacity building training for district animators

Dimapur, August 30: Peace Channel Dimapur, organized a three-day capacity building training program for district animators from August 26 to 29 on Inner Peace, Self-Management, Heart of Listening and skill development for a team of Peace channel animators who are spread across various districts of Nagaland, involved in upbringing of achieving Nagaland a peaceful state by 2030.
The context of the Roadmap Empowerment and Leadership of Peace Animators in Nagaland aimed to enhance the capacities of the Peace Promoters, of different districts to manage and engage in the on-going process of peace building in Nagaland.
Fr. Dr. C.P Anto, Director of Peace Channel, who was the resource person spoke on the topic “Strengthening inner strength in peace building” and “Self-Management” in which learning to accept oneself, one have to defeat fear in order to receive inner strength. The fundamental of inner strength starts from acceptance, love, happiness and contentment.
He also emphasised on self-management as a goal setting. Stressing on the habit of appreciating oneself even if others forget to do so, he also wanted every individual to know oneself and keep a check on the short/long term goals, individual/organisational goals. The need of having a good inter/intra personal relationship as well as good networking is a must for every animator of reach to the next level of achieving the aims & objectives of the mission, he added.
Sr. Theresa gave an insight on “Spirituality of Inner Peace” on how every nation practices peace & citing the examples of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa how they were able to drew resources from within and brings peace to the troubled world. She motivated everyone on becoming aware of our lives and how one can contribute in creating peaceful space within oneself, group and society as people.
Vitono Haralu, the Trainer& Consultant of PC moderated the three days capacity training on “Ethics and Values”, “Heart of Listening”, “Doors of your thoughts”, “Life Graph” with the purpose to have a check & balance in one’s personal & professional space in life.
She also emphasized that “the heart of listening begins when we start sharing honestly & trust building begins when we become more self-aware about ourselves.”
The input session on the on-going projects of Peace Channel was shared by Projects Manager, Garrol Lotha, Peace Channel.
A total of 13 animators of Peace Channel attended the capacity training programme. A presentation on the principles of the organization such as Dialogue, Spirituality, Acceptance, Equality, Respect, Empathy, Non-violence were shared by the animators respectively.
Some of the takeaways from the participant such as “Inner peace is essential in finding peace within ourselves ,know what I want from what I really need”, “fear create hindrance that blocks me in being myself & realistic.”
In the closure, gratitude notes were exchanged among the animators to acknowledge the goodness, build strong relationship & relish good experiences during the 3 days programme. (Page News Service)