Sunday, June 16, 2024

Peace Channel conducts capacity building programmes

peace channel

Dimapur, February 14: Peace Channel conducted various capacity building programmes with children, youth and adults at St Joseph Church, Samaguri village on February 13. The main aim for conducting this program was to promote the community in Peace as well as teach them to be peacemakers within their community and surrounding.
Addressing the participants the resource person Fr. Kokto Kurian and Toviholi Y Yepthomi introduced the initiative of Peace Channel and bringing everyone together on a common platform to promote peace in the society.
The Peace Channel program was carried out to reach the people for the call of peace. The session focused on the importance of dialogue in relationships.
During the session, Fr. Kokto stated that relationships have to be re-established among individuals, groups and communities through peaceful dialogue so that our communities could refrain from the use of violence to resolve differences and conflict. He also stresses on the need to build ‘trust and safety’ among the communities which can be achieved through our willingness and openness to accept differences in respecting diversities of individuals and communities living in the society.
Resource person, Toviholi Y Yepthomi presented the insight of the roadmap of dialoging towards peace building and highlighted that the world has journeyed through the different phases starting from cruel stage where survival of the fittest was the mantra and killing was the only means of survival, to the stage where we feel sympathy towards others and now at empathetic stage of human history. Presenting to the need of the time dialogue is the essential democratic and inclusive approach to resolve our differences and channel it towards something that has never been created before.
She encouraged the participants to live in peace with others in the communities as we often tend to impose our own ideology or beliefs against others, and still fail to recognise the views of others. (Page News Service)