Friday, August 6, 2021

Peace Channel celebrates Human Rights Day

Dimapur, December 11: Peace Channel in collaboration with ACID cum NDWM commemorated Human Rights Day on the theme, “Lets stand up for Equality, Justice and Human Dignity” on December 11 at Asissi Centre for Integrated Development, Conference hall, Dimapur, Nagaland.
The main objective of commemorating Human Rights Day is to promote the awareness about human rights among the people all around the world, to emphasize the endeavors of the United Nations General Assembly in order to progress the overall human rights conditions, to get together and celebrate in cooperation to discuss and highlight the specific issues of the human rights and to encourage the vulnerable group of people like women, minorities, youth, poor, disabled person, indigenous people and etc to take part in this event celebration and political decision making.
Elizabeth Humtsoe (Lecturer of City Law College) was the resource person for the programme. She initiated by stressing on the evolution of Human rights. Stressing on the theme, she said that Rights have been in existence but Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was officially adopted in the year 1948.She also highlighted on the Preamble of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. She said that there would be no justice without recognition of Human Rights.
Reflecting on the various violations of the human rights in our society, she has also highlighted number of examples which is very prevalent in the present scenario. She also encouraged all the participants to fights against any form of violence in their daily lives and stand up for our rights that will protect all.
She later concluded her session with a Human Rights pledge which was pledged by all the participants to accept and respect everybody’s rights and stand for justice.
Ajay Sethi, an associate member of Peace Channel encouraged the participants by sharing about “Karma”- action, works or deeds; it also refers to the principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of an individual. He also motivated the participants to do the best for oneself and for others.
Garrol Lotha, researcher, Peace Channel also spoke on various types of conflict and different causes that leads to conflict. She also shared about various ways of tackling with conflicting situations positively in our day to day life.
She then highlighted on different issues that are prevalent in our society between different age groups and how to look into those issues through analytical thinking and finding the root cause of the conflict and solving it non-violently. She also encouraged the participants to have peace within oneself and promote peace in the society.
The programme was compered by Katini, Dr.Fr C P Anto, Director, Peace Channel invoked God’s blessing, followed by a welcome address by Sister Pramila, Director, ACID. Chumdemo Odyuo, Programme Coordinator, delivered a vote of thanks. The programme was attended by Peace Club members and Teacher Co-coordinators from different Educational Institution, NDWM members from different walk of life. Altogether 170 participants attended the programme.
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