Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Peace Channel celebrates 12th Peace Knit Fest 2019

Dimapur, September 20: Peace Channel celebrated its 12th Peace Knit Fest 2019 on the theme “Transformed to Transform” on September 20 at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Wokha. The programme was witnessed by around 200 youth from different Educational Institutions of Nagaland.
During the event Dr. Fr C P Anto, Director, Peace Channel, delivered the welcome and keynote address. In his message he assured to make Nagaland a model state for most peaceful and happiest in the country. “To achieve this dream we need to move from micro identity of tribe, religion, caste, class and region to macro identity as human beings, we learn to accept and respect all,” he said.
He reflected on Peace Channel “Vision 2030” towards making Nagaland a happy and peaceful State, in addition he encouraged all the participants to work collaboratively and pledge towards making Nagaland a peaceful State.
In order to make “Vision 2030” a reality, Peace Channel in collaboration with Private College Association Nagaland (PCAN) and All Nagaland Private School Association (ANPSA) wish to work towards achieving this dream in the days to come. He also spoke the role of the government in establishing a peace commission and separate department to prevent, intervene and resolve conflicts as the courtiers like Rwanda, Philippines etc.,
Quoting Alvin Toffler, he elucidated the purpose of the two days of seminar that “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”. Adding to the quote he further explained that we are here to learn from each other, unlearn certain things prevent us to be genuinely human and relearn certain things which enhances all.
Rev Fr A D Jose, the Parish Priest, St. Paul Church, Wokha was the Special Guest of the event.
While addressing the participants he encouraged the initiatives of the peace movement and appreciated the children to be the peace builders in the schools and communities.
Some of the other highlights of the event are Peace Celebration, Inter-Faith Meet (Panel Discussion) with the theme: “Towards ensuring inter-religious dialogue in a multi-religious society” with Zubenthung Ngullie, Pastor, Police Baptist Church, Wokha, M Alam, President, Muslim Community, Deonarayan Pandit and Rev.Fr A D Jose, Parish Priest. The members will be celebrating the international day of peace and foundation day of peace channel on September 21 and the peace award 2019 will be conferred to Yanbemo Lotha, the Pastor of Lotha Baptist Church Dimapur during the valedictory function. (Page News Service)