Saturday, April 17, 2021
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PDR seeks clarity on Rs 45 lakh released for UPSC candidates


Dimapur, August 19: The People for Democratic Rights (PDR) has revealed that the Nagaland Finance Department (B&MC) released a total of Rs 45 lakh on two occasions as “financial assistance to UPSC candidates” who have cleared the UPSC prelims. The amounts were released under CMCF in favour of Planning & Coordination Department.
According to PDR, Rs 20 lakh was released on March 18, 2017 for UPSC candidates for the year 2016-17 while Rs 25 lakh was released for the same purpose for the year 2017-18 on December 12, 2017. No break up regarding the list of beneficiaries of the CMCF was mentioned.
In this connection, the PDR has urged the Planning Department to inform as to how many UPSC candidates were financially assisted under CMCF and how much amount each candidate received during the two financial years and how many of them have cleared all exam stages of the UPSC.
Admitting that such financial assistance encourages the UPSC candidates, the PDR also urged the Planning Department to clarify whether any such assistance could be provided to those candidates clearing NPSC prelims in order to encourage both UPSC and NPSC candidates alike.
Rs 2.40 crore for 116 beneficiaries
PDR also informed that the B&MC Finance Department released Rs 190 lakh on December 6, 2017 as financial assistance to 71 beneficiaries and Rs 50 lakh on December 11, 2017 for 45 beneficiaries under CMCF 2017-18 against various projects.
According to PDR, the public generally perceives many such assistances as non-productive since most of the beneficiaries pocket the amount and no works are undertaken or left halfway thus wasting away money out of the public exchequer and denying opportunities to sincere beneficiaries who might have put in real hard work to make their project a success.
Providing the list of 71 beneficiaries for the public to judge whether the beneficiaries deserved such financial assistance and whether the projects are being carried out, the PDR said it believes that many of the beneficiaries have not undertaken the projects against which huge sum of public money was released.
In the interest of public who should know how their money is being spent by the Government, the PDR also urged the Planning Department to provide the list of 45 beneficiaries and projects thereof for whom an amount of Rs 50 lakh was released.
Reminder to Planning Dept
Meanwhile, the PDR reminded the Planning Department to furnish in public domain the list of 10 beneficiaries for whom Rs 1 crore was released by the Finance Department under CMCF through DA dated March 20, 2017.
At the same time, PDR also reminded the Finance Department to clarify on the Double DA issued in favour of Planning Department under Demand No 27 dated November 3, 2017 and December 20, 2017. It also reminded the Finance Department to clarify as to why DA dated March 30, 2018 amounting to Rs 1 crore was issued in favour of Planning Department when the works were carried out under Evaluation Department, which is a separate Department having its own Demand No 44, thus reducing Evaluation Department to a mere corporation and Government undertaking.
Failure to clarify on these issues would establish that the beneficiaries under CMCF are bogus and the DAs released by Finance Department were anomalous, it said while stating that the PDR will accordingly take appropriate course of action to bring out the truth behind the silence. (Page News Service)